The Exchange : In the Kids Zone race for the presidency, it's Lincoln by a mile (updated with Friday results)

In the Kids Zone race for the presidency, it's Lincoln by a mile (updated with Friday results)

Update with Friday's results:


Lincoln is still the leader by a wide margin with FDR taking control of second place. Washington and Jefferson are trailing FDR. 




Marilyn Reback is the senior copy editor for The Numismatist, but she also doubles as the person in charge of the Kids Zone at the National Money Show and World's Fair of Money. 


This being an election year and all, Marilyn had the idea to let kids vote for their favorite president who appears on U.S. coins. The ballot for the kids attending the Dallas National Money Show includes George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. 


Well, Marilyn just brought over the exit polls, and so far Honest Abe is trouncing the competition. Jefferson and FDR are running neck-and-neck for a distant second, and George Washington isn't getting much love at all. 


The last time this vote was run in Philadelphia at the World's Fair of Money, Lincoln edged out Washington by 39.3 percent to Washington's 36.1. But from the looks of the early exit numbers, Washington is going to need a major effort to vault out of last place and back into competition. Maybe he can promise each voter a cherry tree of their own to cut down?


Voting in the Kids Zone is open through Saturday, and we'll bring you daily results here on The Exchange. 


But hey, why should the kids have all the fun? Who would you vote for in this race? Hit the comments and let us know. 

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Thomas Jefferson!
October 19, 2012 09:45


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