The Exchange : Teaching a course at an ANA show has the same flavor as teaching at Summer Seminar

Teaching a course at an ANA show has the same flavor as teaching at Summer Seminar

Whenever I get to attend an ANA event, I am thrilled and life at home is re-energized. That being said, I thoroughly enjoy the privilege of representing you on your Board of Governors. So you might surmise that ANA Shows are a very special time for me. The primary mission itself, of the ANA, is the part I love the most and that is our responsibility to educate the public on all things numismatic.


Every year I am honored to be invited back to teach at the ANA's Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colo. It is unquestionably my favorite activity every year. Attendance at an ANA Seminar shaves years off the learning curve of your areas of interest.


There are also times when I have been invited to regional coin conventions to teach a two- or three-day seminar of which the class environment is virtually identical to that of the Summer Seminar. Out of class, it usually does not have the Summer Seminar flavor but you get to enjoy a great coin show in the same location for a few days.


Until this week, I had never taught a class for the ANA prior to an ANA-sponsored event. I did not think any of these ways could come close to the bargain that Summer Seminar is. I am happy to report that the class I taught with ANA Numismatic Educator Rod Gillis this week made me realize that attending one of these two- or three-day classes in conjunction with an ANA show is nearly as great of a bargain as the Summer Seminar. For around two or three hundred bucks you get much the same high-quality educational event that you get from Summer Seminar. You can immerse yourself into ANA events nearly the same as you can at Summer Seminar.


The bottom line here is that these class offerings give you a more affordable opportunity to learn what you learn at Summer Seminar itself. And you get an opportunity to attend an ANA Show at the same time. It makes for a wonderful week of all things numismatic, and that is what I love. I hope I get this opportunity over and over and over, and if you ever try it, I believe you will like it about as much as I do. It is not Summer Seminar but they both have an independent component that makes them different from the other. Both fun ways to experience the educational opportunities the ANA has to offer.


Do yourself a favor if you can and try it both ways. I'm glad I did.


Check out some photos of the class in action: 


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