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Archives: Farran Zerbe discovery

As the ANA's Dwight N. Manely Numismatic Library continues to restructure its archives, many significant numismatic artificats are uncovered. Among these items, I have stumbled upon personal correspondance regarding Farran Zerbe selling The Numismatist. These letters, dated during the late months of 1910 and early months of 1911, bring insight into Zerbe's relationship with the ANA, his sale of The Numismatist, as well as the state of some of our earlier members. Below is a contract regarding the sale of The Numismatist, dated October 27, 1910, it is signed by Howland Wood and W.W.C. Wilson.




Written by Kendra Johnson at 00:00


wdhyder said...
The sale of the Numismatist was one of the events associated with the 1909 ANA presidential elections and the famous battle between Zerbe and Elder. The anti-Zerbe group charged that Zerbe made a profit on his sale of the Numismatist. We now know he sold the magazine for $500. Does anyone know what he paid the Heath family when he purchased the magazine?
October 25, 2012 05:05


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