The Exchange : ANA staff sponsors surgery for child born with deformity

ANA staff sponsors surgery for child born with deformity

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Meet Dr. Sunil Richardson, a surgeon, a numismatist and a family man. He was profiled in The Numismatist for the July 2012 issue (find it on page 107). You may also recognize his name as one of the Collector Exhibits winners from the Denver National Money Show last year - he took second place in the best-of-show category.  


Richardson also works with Smile Train, USA, a charity that helps children born with a congenital deformity known as a cleft palate. Here's a look at one of the children that Smile Train USA has helped with corrective surgery. 




According to the Smile Train, USA website, cleft palates are a major issue for children in developing countries. A cleft palate effects a child's ability to eat properly and speak well. Further, children with cleft palates face a tough road socially - in many cases, they can be barred from attending school or holding a job. 


Richardson started working with Smile Train back in 2004. The simple surgery, which has been around for decades, doesn't cost much by U.S. standards, so charitable donations can go a long way. 


Each year at Christmas, the ANA staff comes together to make a charitable donation in the spirit of the holiday. After hearing about Richardson's work, the staff donated the $250 needed to sponsor the surgery for one child. Richardson himself performed the surgery. 


"My medical practice has two sides - one for profit, the other for charity. My wife, Shweta, and I run Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital and treat the whole gamut of facial and dental problems," Richardson told The Numismatist in the July 2012 profile. "As only about 20 to 30 percent of the population can pay for such selective and elective cosmetic surgeries, many patients cannot benefit from my services. That is why I approached Smile Train, USA, to help me help people, particularly children, who require cleft lip and palate repair. Since my association with the international nonprofit in late 2004, I have completed around 5,000 surgeries, all totally free for needy patients."


If you'd like to help a child with a cleft palate, you can do so by making a donation to Smile Train, USA.


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