The Exchange : A look at how the YN Auction comes together

A look at how the YN Auction comes together

IMG_20130625_191733Every year during Summer Seminar, young numismatists come together and work relentlessly for three days straight to put together an amazing auction. All proceeds from the auction go in to the YN Scholarship Fund.


"We live off Mountain Dew, pizza, and coffee," says Cole Schenewerk.


This year's auction head was Katie Reinders. The head of lot donations is Luis Ramos, cataloging is Peyton Souder, lot viewing is Kevin Kaufman, running and recording is C.J. Leach and finance is both Morgan Novark and Michael Valente.


Some would assume the auction is planned well before seminar, however, that is far from the case. Planning for the YN Auction doesn't begin until day one of their allotted three-day preparation.  They only part of the auction the YN's can do ahead of time is the catalog cover. During the three days, each and every description is then written and put together. It contains a lot of stress, constant work and last minute fixes that could throw off the whole thing. 


Ramos opens donation registration as early as possible on day one to get as many donations as he can before registration closes. Donations are everything to this auction. The more the donations, the bigger and grander the auction. Donations are contributed by both the YN's and adult collectors. 


IMG_20130625_192739 Peyton Souder said, "All the hard work pays off because we get to keep coming back."


Morgan Novark agreed and added, "'We all get to see our friends again."


These YN's definitely deserve a round of applause for all the hard work they put in each and every year. To all of our adult Numismatists, don't forget to take the time and donate to the auction. Every donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. 


















Check out the Auction Catalog that the YN's created for the event: 



Written by Jessica Fletcher at 00:00



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