The Exchange : Southeast ANA clubs engage in bevy of presentations

Southeast ANA clubs engage in bevy of presentations

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Madison County Coin Club had a program by Charles Cataldo titled, "State of the Coin Market."



Ancient City Coin Club had a program on "German Notgeld" by Travis Bucci. Membership is at 61 regular members and 3 YN's.


Brandon Coin Club had a program on Lincoln Campaign Medalets by Bill Jones. The club's essay contest ends Feb. 28 with the winner going to the ANA Summer Seminar. The next club show is March 23 at the Brandon Elks Club.


Casselberry Coin Club had an attendance prize of a silver eagle. All members had to do was be present to win. There was also a show-n-tell from the FUN show.


Central Florida Coin Club's own Donna Moon was general chairman of the January FUN show. She came up with the theme, "Buffalo & Hobos - A Centennial Celebration." She also came up with the décor and the unique items that were given away at the show. The club will once again have a booth at the Central Florida Fair, Feb. 28 though March 10. Thirty-six club members volunteered at the FUN show.


Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club had Stan Klein discuss, "The Magic Thaler," and how it evolved into the dollar/ crown size coin of today.


Ft. Walton Beach Coin Club had 67 members at its last meeting. Dave Parenteau had a program on "US Mint Medals," and he displayed his collection.


Gold Coast Coin Club  discussed the ANA program, "Grading Coins Today" and "The Modern Mint Process."


North Lake Coin and Currency Club  heard a program on "Fractional Paper Currency."


Ocala Coin Club's coin show was a huge success with more than 1,100 visitors attending. John and Nancy Wilson signed up eight new members for the ANA.


Palm Beach Coin Club  had a 218 lot Estate Auction #20. More than 100 members attended. Bruce Ollis won the club's essay contest and will be going to Summer Seminar with all expenses paid by the club. Bud Hirsh and Tony Swicer gave a program on, "Numismatic Reminiscing," a talk about their experiences in the 1980s and '90s. 


Sarasota Coin Club had 59 attendees at its last meeting. The clubs 50th anniversary is this year.


South Brevard Coin Club sold 30th anniversary ½ oz. silver club medals at $30 each. The ANACS grading service was at the December coin show and will be at the March show. ANACS will accept 10 coin minimum at $9 per coin, plus $25 shipping. There were four show-n-tells, including a VF-20 PCGS 3-legged Buffalo and a brass peace jubilee medal from 1869.


Tallahassee Coin Club had a show-n-tell, discussed the annual coin show in April, possible club name change, and possible meeting change.


Treasure Coast Coin Club watched a DVD on "Engravings on Early Colonial Paper Money" by Gerald Kochel. The January coin show was a big success.


Venice Coin Club had 25 members, five guests, and signed up two new members. Bart Bartanowicz and Neil Burnett did a program on "Grading Coins," the first in a series of programs on grading. The auction followed.



Augusta Coin Club member Jim Berry showed a Roman coin from Gallus, 251-254 A.D. Arno Safran had a presentation on, "Coins of 1950." The club show is May 10-11. Forty-six members and five guests attended the meeting.


South West Georgia Coin Club is a new ANA member club. Members shared their finds from the Perry, Ga., coin show. Mike Ellis had a question-and-answer session.



Lower Cape Fear Coin Club discussed the FUN show. Club medals are available for $7 (member) and $10 (non-member).



Stephen James CSRA Coin Club had a program by David Amey titled, "The Anatomy of a Banknote." Jim Barry and Arno Safran had show-n-tells. The next club show is Sept. 7. 

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