The Exchange : YN invited to display coin exhibit at the TCA Atlantic Division fall toy train meet

YN invited to display coin exhibit at the TCA Atlantic Division fall toy train meet

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YN Walter J. G. Waholek presented a display and did a talk on transit tokens last spring.

The exhibit included an operating Lionel Trolley and many traction models with historical traction artifacts along with exonumia.  The display and talk centered on the Philadelphia transit system from its infancy to present day. Philadelphia is the last major urban system to use tokens, which are scheduled to be discontinued in 2014 along with the fare box and be replaced by a debit card system.

Walter, a freshman at Father Judge High School Philadelphia and an ANA YN, is a charter member of the Train Collectors Association, TCA, Kids Club. He was invited to display his transit coin exhibit at the TCA Atlantic Division Fall toy train meet. The reaction being overwhelmingly positive with collector interest in toy trains, tokens and traction, will repeat this in December at a special annual Christmas toy train exhibit open to the public. Walter believes cross exhibiting can cause cross collecting when interested parties are introduced to each other.

In addition, Walter has helped develop a Boy Scout Merit Badge workshop for coin collecting in cooperation with the local northeast Philadelphia coin clubs William Penn and Double Eagle, based on the ANA model and using ANA provided materials. When he initially presented his idea to the local scout commissioner attached to Troop 394 where he is a member and Star Scout, the District Commissioner, Dominic Aquilino, suggested developing a program on introducing coin collecting to cub scouts since there was no current program in place. That new program, with Walter's help, is now nearing completion will be presented for approval and projected to be operational and in place January 2014.

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Walter introduced O' Scale military trains in an exhibit based on the military coinage and currency of WWII. This exhibit will join the transit token display along with a Boy Scout, coin, medal and Scouting Challenge coin display with Lionel's O' Scale Boy Scout train set and cars at the TCA National Convention being held in June 2014 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Walter has presented monthly theme exhibits, attended Summer Seminar in 2013 and hopes to return in 2014 if he can secure another scholarship. His Native Americans on coin theme presented during National Coin Week won him a mention and picture spot in The Numismatist. Since the 2011 World's Fair of Money, Walter's rise in coin collecting can be attributed directly to the ANA youth programs including the Scout workshop, and the support and encouragement from his fellow coin club collectors.

Prior to his submission of his grand prize winning design in the U.S. Mint's kids challenge in designing a coin for "what's so great about baseball" contest, he created two designs and had his fellow coin club members participate in a vote on which design he should submit. Opportunities have opened doors to events such as John Mercanti's 70th birthday party where he shared cake and a moment of glory being in the presence of the former chief engraver for the U.S. Mint. John's silver eagle design is Walter's favorite and most collected coin. Last week, as the guest of the deputy director of the U.S. Mint, Walter toured the Philadelphia Mint being allowed on the production floor, silver bullion room and even a vault.

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What's left for a 14 year old? I'm assured by Walter he has just begun to collect and invest. He hopes to one day write and submit an article for The Numismatist. He intends to apply himself to the YN  programs now that he has a better understanding of what is required. But most of all introducing coin collecting to friends and strangers in a positive light is his immediate goal.

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