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Full election results:


For President, votes


Walter Ostromecki, 1


Encino, CA




For Vice President, votes


Jeff Garrett, 1


Lexington, KY






Successful Candidates for Governor, votes




Gary Adkins, 3,220


Minneapolis MN




Scott T. Rottinghaus, 2,859


New London, CT




Dr. Ralph W. Ross, 2,797


Sugar Land, TX




Mike Ellis, 2,782


Camilla, GA




Greg Lyon, 2,723


St. Louis, MO




Jeff Swindling, 2,591


Jacksonville, FL




Laura Sperber, 2,569


Lincroft, NJ




Unsuccessful Candidates for GovernorVotes




Tom Mulvaney, 2,389


Lexington, KY




William D. Hyder, 2,095


Scotts Valley, CA




Oded Paz, 1,916


Arco, ID




Scott Barman, 1,891


Rockville, MD




Steve D'Ippolito, 1,862


Peyton, CO




Jeff Wuller, 1,786


Glendale, AZ




Richard Jozefiak, 1,543


Madison, AL


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