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The following set of articles come from the ANA's monthly magazine, The Numismatist. They're all geared for the beginning hobbyist.

  • Ten Interesting Lincoln Cents - Lincoln Memorial Cent Collectors

    The Lincoln Memorial Cent Collectors looking for variety and availability will find a lot to like about this common coin. Mitch Sanders

  • Ten Notes Worth Noting

    Ten Notes Worth Noting Paper money reflects America’s economy, as well as our country’s rich history. Mitch Sanders

  • Adding to Your Collection

    Adding to Your Collection Take the time to follow five, simple suggestions before putting out the welcome mat for new acquisitions. Mitch Sanders

  • References for Beginning Collectors

    References for Beginning Collectors Even the experts will tell you—introductory books on coins and collecting are your best numismatic investment. Mitch Sanders

  • The Big Picture - Large-size bank notes

    The Big Picture Large-size bank notes present a colorful view of our country’s history, commerce and art. Mitch Sanders

  • By the Book

    By the Book Your numismatic library should grow along with your coin collection. Mitch Sanders

  • Collecting Coins from Circulation

    Collecting Coins from Circulation Oh, the anticipation! Patient hobbyists have been known to find treasures in loose or rolled change. Mitch Sanders

  • Synergistic Serendipity - Images on Coins Tell Stories

    Synergistic Serendipity Images on Coins Tell Stories Coins from all centuries share the ability to tell stories through their powerful images. Mitch Sanders

  • Collecting Strategies

    Collecting Strategies Type set? Date/mintmark set? How you organize your collection ultimately is up to you. Mitch Sanders

  • The Color of Money

    The Color of Money With their vibrant, rainbow hues and palettes, coins and currency allow hobbyists to experience the full spectrum of numismatics. Mitch Sanders

  • Flying Eagles and Indian Head Cents

    Flying Eagles and Indian Head Cents Once familiar images on the common, American "penny," these popular motifs eventually give way to a presidential portrait. Mitch Sanders

  • Eagles Continue to Soar

    Eagles Continue to Soar Featured on a wide variety of coins and in diverse poses, our country’s national symbol enjoys a position of prominence. Mitch Sanders

  • Collecting in the Global Community

    Collecting in the Global Community Coins depicting a wealth of exotic and fascinating topics beckon to collectors from around the world. Mitch Sanders

  • Golden Touch

    Golden Touch Augustus Saint-Gaudens' coin designs are testimonies to his numismatic talent and artistic creativity. Mitch Sanders

  • A Collector's Guide to Dating Coins

    A Collector's Guide to Dating Coins Dates on coinage are not always a reliable indication of age. Sometimes historical, political or religious context is needed. Mitch Sanders

  • A Numismatic Hail to the Chiefs

    A Numismatic Hail to the Chiefs Coins and paper money bearing Presidential portraits reflect our country’s rich numismatic history. Mitch Sanders

  • The Hunt for World Coins

    The Hunt for World Coins Beginning your collection of foreign coinage can be easy on the eyes as well as the wallet. Mitch Sanders

  • Interview with the Nickel

    Interview with the Nickel Constantly circulating, the Jefferson nickel takes time out to comment on his 2004 makeover. Mitch Sanders

  • An Introduction to State Quarters

    An Introduction to State Quarters Pulling quarters from circulation is a great way to explore our nation and build an attractive collection. Mitch Sanders

  • Can You Judge a Coin by Its Cover?

    Can You Judge a Coin by Its Cover? Whether your concern is safety, appearance or expense, there are storage options for every numismatist. Mitch Sanders

  • Collecting Kennedy Halves

    Collecting Kennedy Halves The 50-cent coin bearing the former President's Profile was released in 1964 to unprecedented popularity. Mitch Sanders

  • Money of Latin America

    Money of Latin America Though some coins feature familiar images and themes, many others are unique reflections of the nations that issued them. Mitch Sanders

  • The Lincoln Memorial Cent

    The Lincoln Memorial Cent Collectors looking for variety and availability will find a lot to like about this common coin. Mitch Sanders

  • Little Treasures

    Little Treasures Though 30-percent smaller than their predecessors, contemporary U.S. notes are definitely big collectibles. Mitch Sanders

  • The Lure of 20th-Century Silve

    The Lure of 20th-Century Silver Produced almost 100 years ago, these artistic pieces continue to capture collectors’ hearts and imaginations. Mitch Sanders

  • The Many Faces of Liberty

    The Many Faces of Liberty Whether she’s walking or standing, hair flowing or gathered in a cap, she’s always a lady. Mitch Sanders

  • March of the Euro

    March of the Euro With its diverse designs and continental flair, the euro offers collectors the opportunity to expand their numismatic world. Mitch Sanders

  • Date/Mintmark Sets

    Date/Mintmark Sets Decisions, decisions . . . but rest assured, there are no right or wrong choices. Mitch Sanders

  • Modern Dollar Coins

    Modern Dollar Coins It’s a great time to collect dollar coins, in spite of their less-than-stellar popularity in the past. Mitch Sanders

  • The Morgan Dollar

    The Morgan Dollar Once considered a numismatic misfit, this silver coin enjoys a rich history and a devoted following. Mitch Sanders

  • The Numismatic Marketplace

    The Numismatic Marketplace Shops, shows, ads and auctions—how to find prized pieces that suit your interests and pocketbook. Mitch Sanders

  • A Numismatic Recipe

    A Numismatic Recipe Coins usually are forged of materials more resilient than snips and snails and puppy-dog tails. Mitch Sanders

  • Numismatic Thanksgiving

    Numismatic Thanksgiving Hobbyists appreciate the many resources that make collecting more accessible. Mitch Sanders

  • Collecting Odd Denominations

    Collecting Odd Denominations The evolution of the American monetary system led to some useful, but short-lived coins. Mitch Sanders

  • Presidents on Parade

    Presidents on Parade The new Presidential dollar coins honor America’s past leaders, some of whom have never before appeared on U.S. money. Mitch Sanders

  • Read All About It

    Read All About It Get ready for the traditional school year and expand your hobby education by building a numismatic library. Mitch Sanders

  • Reading America’s Coins

    Reading America’s Coins In the land of E Pluribus Unum, coins and their inscriptions often convey interesting messages. Mitch Sanders

  • Rounding Up Roosevelt Dimes

    Rounding Up Roosevelt Dimes America’s 10-cent piece, symbolic of our respect for a President’s service during a difficult era, is relatively easy to collect. Mitch Sanders

  • Silver and Gold

    Silver and Gold The basis of wealth and power, these precious metals have influenced numismatics throughout history. Mitch Sanders

  • A Journalistic Approach to Small Cents

    A Journalistic Approach to Small Cents Though they may be little, these coins have newsworthy scope and history. Mitch Sanders

  • Small, But Mighty

    Small, But Mighty The diminutive dime’s diverse designs offer collectors of U.S. coins big rewards. Mitch Sanders

  • Storage Solutions

    Storage Solutions When deciding how to best preserve their coins, collectors have a variety of options to consider. Mitch Sanders

  • Assembling a Type Set of Nickels

    Assembling a Type Set of Nickels In anticipation of the new 5-cent coins, why not form a simple collection of their predecessors? Mitch Sanders

  • Up Close and Personal

    Up Close and Personal A variety of tools and technology gives numismatists a better appreciation of the beauty of their collections. Mitch Sanders

  • The Washington Quarter

    The Washington Quarter In spite of changes, or perhaps because of them, this venerable coin is here to stay. Mitch Sanders