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Money comes in all forms

Money is anything that people will accept as payment in exchange for other goods.

It has had many uses over the ages beyond its original development for purposes of long distance trade and military power. Whatever people use as a medium of exchange for goods or services is considered to be a form of money. 

Money can also be a means of storing or accumulating wealth - in some cultures some "money" has a purely ceremonial or prestige purpose in which the value of the object rests not in what it can buy, but what it represents. 

Money creates a standard of value, simplifying trade.
Many cultures have gotten along without money altogether. Other cultures have used diverse materials such as rocks, shells, feathers and teeth. 

More commonly, domesticated animals and metal ingots of various shapes and sizes have been used as money.

Traditional money has taken many forms but they all share certain characteristics in common.  These characteristics are portability, durability, distinctive appearance and difficulty to counterfeit.