Downloadable Quizzes and Puzzles

Looking for some brain teasers that will get you away from the computer for a while? Try this collection of downloadable and printable coin quizzes, crossword puzzles and word searches to help you bone up on your numismatic knowledge.


Kids Zone activities

  • Find the lost treasure

    Disme the Treasure Hunter is always on the lookout for hidden hoards. Help guide him through the maze to the buried treasure.

  • Penny's piggy bank

    A good way to start saving money is to put your extra change in a piggy bank. See if you can help Penny Pigg find some coins to start her savings.





  • Slovenia’s New Euros

    Test your knowledge of the Republic of Slovenia and its coinage.

  • Hail to the Chiefs

    Test your knowledge of U.S. Presidents and their connections to themes on our nation’s coins.

  • Proportions

    See if you can fill in the correct denomination based on a coin's diameter and weight.

  • Ribbons & Bows

    Ever notice U.S. coins often have design elements such as ribbons, banners, and bows on them? Test your knowledge of U.S. coinage with this holiday quiz.

  • A Look at Lincoln

    Find out how much you know about one of the most popular and historic figures in U.S. history.

  • Flag Day

    Test your numismatic knowledge of flag-adorned coins by matching the circulating and commemorative issues with their photos.

  • Funny Money-Hinky Pinky

    Just like in the classic word game "Hinky Pink," try solving the numismatic riddles.

  • ID the Artists

    Test your knowledge of U.S. coin designers and their “signature” initials or monograms by identifying the dozen coins pictured and the artists who created them.

  • Attention to Detail

    Test your knowledge of U.S. commemorative coins prodcued from 1893 to 1954 by examining a dozen detailed photo images and matching them with the list provided.

  • Attention to Detail

    Wreaths during the holiday season hold symbolic meaning. Wreaths also hold symbolic meaning on coins. See if you can match the wreaths to its correct coin.

  • U.S. Commems & Black History

    Use your knowledge of black history to unscramble the words. The theme of the three columns is related to a U.S. commemorative coin.

  • The Matter at Hand

    Test your “dexterity” by matching these hand designs with the correct coin from the list.

  • Year-End Review

    Test your knowledge of "year-ends" with numismatic significance.

  • Know Your Presidents

    Find out how much you know about U.S. Presidents 17-20, which includes Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James A. Garfield.

  • Set Sail with Columbus

    Discover how much you know about Christopher Columbus, his voyages, and the 5 commemorative coins dedicated to him.

  • American Patriots

    Match the names listed with the description of their historic roles and their numismatic connections.





  • The Ides of March

    The Ides of March 44 B.C. was the fateful day Julius Caesar was assassinated. A coin featuring two daggers and a liberty cap were created to commemorate the event. The words in this crossword puzzle are associated with Julius Caesar.

  • Take Five

    Think you know everything there is to known about nickels? Then put your nickel IQ to the test.

  • Decimal Places

    These puzzle clues will test your knowledge of decimal denominations, their equivalents, and places that used them.

  • Mint Master

    The crossword clues relate to the United States Mint, its history and its products, as well as words that contain the word “mint.”

  • Purchase Gold

    The clues relate to the historic 1804 Louisiana Purchase and the two gold dollar coins that mark the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase.

  • Make No Mistake

    There is no room for error in this puzzle! Clues relate to Mint mistakes.

  • Author, Author!

    This challenge features authors of numismatic reference books.

  • No Place Like Home

    Home is where the heart is, they say. And the heart of this crossword is numismatic homes, literally and figuratively.



    Word searches


  • Letter Perfect

    The Federal Reserve Bank is divided into 12 districts. In this two part game, match the Federal Reserve Bank to its Letter-Number Designation. Then seek out the Federal Reserve Banks.

  • Hobby Supplies

    Hunt for the words that are associated with tools that help numismatic collectors to identify, value, and store their collectibles.

  • Remember Lincoln

    In this two-part challenge, use the words listed to fill in the Lincoln Memorial's history and facts. Then, find those same words in the word search.

  • Prairie State Numismatics

    Learn more about the state of Illinois, which has played an historic role in the nation's monetary system. Fill in the blanks with the words provided in the word bank, and then complete the activity by searching for those same words in the word search.

  • Coming to Terms with Money

    Money has a major role in nearly all aspects of our life. In this activity it is your job to match the words in the word bank to their proper definition. Then search for the words in the grid of various letters.

  • I Like Ikes

    Use the words provided to fill in the blanks in order to complete the story. Then find and circle the words in the grid.

  • It's a Natural

    American coin designs have and continue to use elements of nature. Match the animals, plants and natural objects to the coin clues they match. Then search for them in the puzzle.

  • Money: A Household Word

    Money has spawned hundreds of slang expressions and words. Match the money expressions and words to their definitions, then search for those slang words in the grid.