Adult Advisor of the Year Award


The ANA recognizes the crucial role that strong adult leaders and mentors play in developing young collectors. Active adult advisors foster the growth of young numismatists within the hobby and numismatic industry. This award is presented to an individual who has devoted their efforts to recruiting young numismatists and aiding in the development of intermediate to advanced young collectors.

Nominations should include a concise biographical sketch and a list of activities and accomplishments of the nominee. Please attach any additional pertinent information. This award is limited to adult members of the ANA.


Nominees for this award will be evaluated on activities in the following areas:

  1. Advising young collectors. These activities include acting as an advisor for a junior coin club or to young collectors in a local or regional club.
  2. Numismatic tours for young collectors. These tours include those arranged or conducted by an adult leader to coin shows, coin museums, educational forums, historic sites, and/or other educational tours that expand upon the numismatic knowledge of young collectors.
  3. Convention programs for young collectors. These are arranging or coordinating programs, not including tours, for young collectors including educational programs, special exhibits and other related numismatic activities.
  4. Numismatic talks to youth. These talks include presentations at coin clubs, schools and other youth-oriented groups such as 4-H, Boy or Girl Scouts and YCMA.
  5. Boy Scout Merit Badge or Girl Scout Collecting Patch. These activities include service as a mentor or guide for Scouts while they earn their merit badge or collecting patch.
  6. Non-numismatic youth activities. These would include leadership and mentor roles in other youth-oriented groups such as sports, after-school educational programs and faith-based organizations.
  7. Recruitment of young collectors. This includes recruiting young collectors as members of the ANA as well as local, regional or national coin clubs.
  8. Articles written for young collectors. Please list name of publications or include a copies of the articles. Also, please list any assistance given to aiding young numismatic writers.
  9. Other activities. These include sponsoring awards for young collectors, lobbying adult numismatic groups to assist young collectors and other activities as an advocate for young collectors in the hobby.


Nomination form