Promote National Coin Week

Help spread the word about National Coin Week with this sampling of downloadable material and great giveaways for the local clubs. 



  • 2014 Sample Proclamation

    Get your local mayor or City Council to officially recognize National Coin Week. This sample proclamation can be downloaded and updated with your local club's information.

  • 2014 Sample Press Release

    This sample press release can be easily updated with your local club's information and sent to newspapers, TV stations and blogs in your area to promote National Coin Week and the local club activities in general.

  • Civic Service Quotations

    A collection of famous quotes that can be used for posters, pamphlets or quiz questions.

  • Quotations by John F. Kennedy

    A collection of quotes by JFK that can be used for posters, pamphlets or quiz questions.

  • 2014 Club Flier

    No time to design your own flier or poster for National Coin Week? No problem. We've made one for you that you can customize with your own message, and you don't need any special publishing software to use it. Just download the PDF, open in Adobe Reader, add your message and print. It's that simple.



    ANA clubs: Order your giveaways

    2014-Coin -Wk -buttonWhat would a National Coin Week be without the coins? Use the order form below and the ANA will send your club some cool giveaways for members, including: 

    • Bookmarks
    • Buttons
    • Penny planchets
    • And lots of other promotional materials




    Questions or need help with promoting National Coin Week activities? Drop us an email at