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Photos: A look at the Summer Seminar book sale

"I have a personal library of 160 boxes full of books, the two boxes of books I have purchased from the ANA book sale are just a small addition to my personal library." -Mark Borchardt, ANA Summer Seminar Instructor

The Coin Show will broadcast live from the World's Fair of Money

Show hosts Matt Dinger and Mike Nottelmann will be conducting a special guest interview with noted Numismatic author Q. David Bowers of Stack's Bowers Galleries.
Written by Jessica Fletcher at 15:00

ANA Club news: Tallahassee Numismatic Club holds its first coin show

A recap of the ten region four clubs who participated in National Coin Week.
Written by Tony Swicer at 15:00

A brief history of elongated coins

Those coins people have been purchasing as souvenirs are actual collectible items. Learn more about those cost effective souvenir coins with this weeks blog.
Written by Brandon Ortega at 00:00

Gold Star Mothers' Trips to WW I Battlefields Medals

From 1930 to 1933 the United States War Department sponsored trips to the battlefields and cemetaries in France for the widows and mothers of fallen soldiers.
Written by Paul G. Lajoie at 16:40

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