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Do your American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins Have Numismatic Value?

The American gold eagle is one of the most popular gold bullion coins available in the market today. Through 2013, over 20 million ounces of American gold eagles have been minted, putting these coins on par with South African gold krugerrands and Canadian gold maple leaf coins as the highest minted modern gold bullion coins. As we typically see in the coin market, collectors have identified American gold eagles that were produced in lower quantities, which has caused the value of these coins to rise above and beyond the gold bullion value; resulting in bullion coins selling at numismatic values. In today's article, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is going to take a look at the better date American gold eagle coins (by denomination) and identify for you coins that will bring you more than just your typical gold eagle premiums.
Written by Tony Davis at 00:00

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A Golden Opportunity: The Colorado Gold Rush

The Colorado Gold Rush is one of the most historic Gold Rushes in American history. Its influence is still seen today along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountain Region.
Written by Brandon Ortega at 00:00

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A renaissance of beautiful U.S. coinage

The renaissance of U.S. coinage era sculpted some of the most beautiful U.S. coins in history. Of that era the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle was created, which still is considered the most beautiful U.S. coin to ever be created.
Written by Brandon Ortega at 00:00

From the Numismatic Crime Center: Burglary in Chestertown, Md.

Gold and silver coins were stolen from a private residence.

A map to track gold coins that show up in Salvation Army red kettles

Each year around this time, various gold coins find their way into Salvation Army kettles. As we get closer to Christmas, there will be more and more stories showing up of generous individuals who make the anonymous donations. And this year, we've decided to map the donations.
Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00


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