The Exchange : Brian Sparks' 'The Pennyman' wins the Holiday Craft Contest

Brian Sparks' 'The Pennyman' wins the Holiday Craft Contest

Congratulations to Brian Sparks, the winner in our Holiday Craft Contest. His creation, 'The Pennyman,' was apparently enough to scare off the rest of the competition, as we had no other entries. 


1full Penny Manfront


Brian will receive the first-place prize pack, which includes: 

  • A 1962 silver proof Franklin Half Dollar
  • A 2012 ANA special edition of "A Guide Book to United States Coins" (the Red Book) with an error on the cover (the type is doubled on the cover).
  • A copy of Paul Hollis's book, "American Numismatist."
  • A copy of David Akers's book, "United States Gold Patterns." 


The second- and third-place prizes will go back into the prize vault, but will no doubt resurface soon. Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest giveaways. 


Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00

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