The Exchange : The What's Going On At the ANA newsletter for November

The What's Going On At the ANA newsletter for November

Oded Paz is the ANA National Coordinator for the Club and District Representatives Program. He writes a monthly message for ANA Clubs. Here's the November edition: 


What's going on at the ANA? - November 2012

Welcome to another monthly edition of"What's going on at the ANA?"


Last month I attended the National Money Show in Dallas, Texas. The show was good for me, as I was able to purchase a few good finds, although I heard from friends and dealers that is was a rather slow show.


We scheduled a last-minute Clubs & District Representatives meeting on Saturday morning, but due to the last minute, it was not on the schedule, and only a handful of participants attended the meeting.


After the above mentioned meeting, Sandy Pearl, Cary Hardy and I sat for a while and discussed a few issues regarding the plan of action for the advisory committee that was formed in Philly by Executive Director Jeff Shevlin.


I repeatedly encourage you to send me any and all ideas, requests, kudos and constructive criticism, which will be discussed by this committee.


YNfor Oded NewsletterAs I did in previous newsletters, I will continue with the advantages of being an ANA member. This month's advantage: The ANA's Young Numismatists Program.


Do you know of any youngster who likes money. Does this youngster like history? Is the youngster's age 22 or younger? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then YOU can sign up a new Young Numismatist (YN) to become a member of the ANA and discover how much fun coin collecting can be!


YN Programs offer a variety of opportunities for young collectors to become engaged in numismatics and learn more about the hobby. Becoming a YN ANA member is fun, affordable, and provides many benefits.


Young Numismatists can sign up to receive Your Newsletter, an electronic publication by and for young numismatists, complete with updates on projects, events & activities. Your Newsletter is available to anyone interested in coins, paper money, tokens or medals by request to


For more info, go here


So, what else is new & exciting? Please see the following:


Atlanta & Portland were selected for future National Money Shows

Atlanta was selected as the host city for the 2014 National Money Show and Portland, Ore., will be the location for the 2015 spring show following votes by the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors during an Oct. 20 meeting in Dallas.


The board voted to permanently move the spring show back to March, with some flexibility. This change begins with the Atlanta show, which will be held Feb. 27 to March 1 at the Cobb Galleria Centre.


The Portland show runs from March 5-7 at the Oregon Convention Center. The Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association and Willamette Coin Club were selected as host clubs.


Apply for the ANA's Visa Credit Card

This card is a great way to get the most from every purchase, because you'll earn one reward point for every $1 in net purchases spent with the card. Use your ANA Visa Signature Card for everything from gas and groceries to dining and travel, and watch your points add up! You can redeem your points for valuable rewards including cash back, air travel, merchandise, gift cards, and many other options. Rewards start at just 1,500 points! 0% Intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for twelve billing cycles, and after that a variable APR, currently 9.99% - 21.99%. Apply today.


Australian Holey Dollar Returned to ANA Money Museum

38-1813-Australia-holey-dollar-orThe 1813 Holey dollar was returned to the American Numismatic Association's Edward C. Rochette Money Museum on Oct. 23. The Holey dollar is an 1813 Australian coin struck on a 1788 Spanish-American real piece of Charles III from Mexico City. It has a large hole punched out of it; around the hole is an added legend "NEW SOUTH WALES 1813" on the obverse and "FIVE SHILLINGS" on the reverse. Australia's first domestic coin, around 350 Holey dollars survive today.


The Spanish real was widely used by many countries as international currency because of its uniformity and milling characteristics. Some countries, like Australia, countersigned the Spanish dollar so it could be used as their local currency. The Spanish dollar remained legal tender in the U.S. until the Coinage Act of 1857.


Additional security measures

The ANA upgraded its security and surveillance systems following the theft, and continues to enhance security measures. In the coming months, the museum also will hire additional part-time staff to catalog and photograph the ANA's museum collection and make museum resources available online to members. "This project will take several years, but it is intended to secure this valuable ANA resource," said Jeff Shevlin.


Earliest Known Membership Certificate From 1894 Donated to ANA by Dwight Manley

Lot -017_Certificate -of -MembershipThe earliest known surviving ANA membership certificate, dated July 1, 1894, has been acquired by California real estate developer and long-time coin collector, Dwight Manley, and donated to the ANA. Manely's donation also includes 16 other documents and materials dating back to the early years of the association that was founded in 1891 by Dr. George F. Heath of Monroe, Michigan. The 1894 ANA membership certificate was originally sent to Joseph Potichke of Massachusetts, and it reads: "Membership No. 196. Waltham, Mass. July 1, 1894. This is to certify, that, Mr. Joseph M. Potichke, was admitted to membership in the American Numismatic Association on the first day of July 1894. In witness whereof we have set our hand and seal." It is signed by then-ANA President Heath and ANA Secretary O.W. Page with a red wax seal affixed to the paper next to their signatures.


One of the Last Canadian Cents on Display at Money Museum

A new display at the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum marks the end of an era and a major milestone in the history of money. The second-to-last Canadian cent ever produced by the Royal Canadian Mint was donated to the ANA and is on display at the Colorado Springs museum through 2012. Canada recently retired its one-cent piece, 154 years after its introduction in 1858. The last Canadian cents were struck during a May 4, 2012 ceremony. This exhibit incorporates a two-minute video about the final day of cent production at the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg, along with examples of previous Canadian cent designs, the second-to-last cent struck and a special presentation letter from the Royal Canadian Mint.


For additional information and details on many of the items listed above, you can always go to the ANA's website and read the Press Releases.


I always enjoy hearing from you so please write to



Written by Oded Paz at 00:00



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