The Exchange : Rare ANA artifacts donated to the ANA by Dwight Manley

Rare ANA artifacts donated to the ANA by Dwight Manley

The ANA published a press release Wednesday announcing the donation of several historical ANA documents by Dwight Manley. He bought the documents during an auction Oct. 6 that was conducted by David Sklow Fine Numismatic Books (that would be the same David Sklow who serves as the ANA's historian and secretary). 


So which lots did Manley win? Let's take a look: 


Lot -017_Certificate -of -Membership


This is the earliest-known surviving ANA membership certificate, which Manley has requested be put on display in the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library. This particular speciman is dated July 1, 1894, and is co-signed by ANA Founder Dr. George F. Heath and Secretary O.W. Page. The member's name on the certificate is Joseph M. Potichke of Waltham, Mass. He was member number 196. 


I know what you're wondering: Did Potichke get a receipt? Yes. Yes he did: 

Lot 018_Official Reciept For Payment Of Dues To ANA, 1894


He also got a letter. Be sure to note the really cool letterhead they were using in 1894: 

Lot 016 Letter Of Official ANA Letterhead OW Page JOS M Potichke


And now, a look at a few more of the items donated: 




Lot -012_Official -Membership -Card -1909

This is what a membership card looked like in 1909. 


Lot -002_Front ,-Postcard -from -Karl -W.-Hiersemann -to -Dr .-Heath


Lot -002_Back ,-Postcard -from -Karl -W.-Heirsemann -to -Dr .-Heath

Above two photos: The front and back of a postcard to George Heath from Karl W. Hiersemann.


Lot -003_-Front ,-Envelope -from -Guillermo -Carrasca -to -Dr .-Heath


Lot -003_Back -of -envelope ,--from -guillermo -carrasca -to -Dr .-Heath


Lot -003_Letter ,-from -Frank -E.-Macfadgue -to -Dr .-Heath


Above three images: The envelope and a letter to Heath. 


Lot -007_Front ,-Official -return -envelope -of -the -Numismatist ,-from -J.H.-Gray

The official return envelope used by The Numismatist. The postmark is 1899. 



Lot -008_Postcard ,-official -return -receipt -for -subscription -to -the -numismatist

In 1905, The Numismatist cost $1 to receive for an entire year. 


Lot -009_Envelope -,-two -subscrition -forms

Want to subscribe? Here are two subscription forms and the envelope they would have gone into. 


Lot -011_Front ,-greetings -from -the -old -press


Lot -011_back ,-greetings -from -the -old -press

The front and back of the greeting message from the 1962 convention. 

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