The Exchange : Tony Swicer's Summer FUN Report

Tony Swicer's Summer FUN Report

Wednesday July 10th was dealer set-up from 2PM to 7PM. There were 212 dealer tables, up 14 from last summer. And you know how many dealers don't want to come to this show because of the heat? Well, it was freezing in bourse hall the entire show. Show attendance was up too. 3252 came thru this year compared to last years about 3000.


Once again, most dealers I spoke to had a good show. The YN program drew about 30 participants, and the scout program had 20. Friday morning the coin club buses arrived. Greater Jacksonville had 46, Ocala had 28, and Palm Beach had 50 on the bus. Saturday West Hernando arrived with 16 on their bus for a total of 140 club members on the buses.


Heritage Auctions sold $ 9.9 million, up $600,000 from last year. Abraham Lincoln and Robert E Lee were there entertaining everyone. The Piedmont Gold Panners had a booth, along with Wizard supply. There were 16 exhibitors with 52 cases of exhibits. Five educational seminars were presented Thursday thru Saturday.


The FUN coin club get together went very well with 38 in attendance. Everyone at the meeting received a 5X magnifying glass and 10 attendees won slabbed silver eagles.


Thanks goes out to convention coordinator Cindy Wibker, the Officers & Board of FUN, and all the volunteers for another well run successful coin show. Thank you all.


We will now focus on the January 9-12, 2014 FUN show in Orlando. We will see you there.

Written by Tony Swicer at 10:00
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