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Why you should attend a local coin show

Over the past few years I have attended many coin shows in California that range from the large Long Beach Expo to the tiny Visalia Coin Show, which has about 10 tables. Among them is my home show, the Fresno Coin Show, organized by the Fresno Numismatic Society.


With just over 30 tables the show, is not impressive in size. When compared to the coin shows of the Bay Area or L.A. it does a fraction of the business, but that is not what is important to me. For myself, the show represents a homecoming. It is a chance to see my whole club come together and work hard. After the work is done, the event ran like clockwork.


With only one meeting a month, the coin show is as big of a business event as it is a social event. While I did do a surprising amount of business between the two dealers I was helping and my own business, the social aspect was most important. I loved helping members of my club find coins and examine what they had purchased.


Normally I see a few members at shows that require traveling, but many were here and excited for the show. Many had saved up for the year's big purchase and were happy to show it off after they bought it. Many exhibits that members had spent countless hours preparing were being shown for the first time. Seeing everyone at once and so excited was a wonderful site.


This excitement is not exclusive to this show. Most clubs have a coin show like this one, and although it may be small it is a chance to meet new people from your area. Local coin shows need people to attend to keep the dealers coming and for the shows to stay alive.


These interactions can not happen over the Internet. Although it is a powerful tool, the Internet is not a replacement for a coin show. The personal element of interacting with dealers, the learning, and the negotiations are best experienced in person. It is a great opportunity to hold coins and see them in hand before purchasing them.


Local coin shows may be small in size, but they offer much enjoyment.

Written by Luis Ramos III at 00:00

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