The Exchange : Photos: Session 2 of Summer Seminar courses begin

Photos: Session 2 of Summer Seminar courses begin


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Quotes of the day

"I have learned more about coins in the past 24 hours than I have in months." -Matthew Scholar, Young Numismatist

"My goal is to have fun and make sure those who take my course have fun." -David Schenkman, Summer Seminar Instructor

"I am most looking forward to meeting other YN's, learning about coins and making life-long friends." -Olivia Beauvais, Young Numismatist

"I took the course 'Military Numismatics Since 1930' because I am interested in the impact of numismatics in the military, especially WWII. Class has been interesting and has helped to answer a lot of questions I had before I came here." -Bob Jaques, Summer Seminar Student.

"My grading course is going to be a big help in determining the condition of my coins." -Raymond Hawkins, Young Numismatist


*To view more photos from ANA Summer Seminar search the hash tag #ANASummerSeminar on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterst. 

Written by Brandon Ortega at 00:00


1061444 said...
I need the 2014 Summer seminar program asap in order to have our club TBCC, prepare a scholarship for Y.N. Lease mail or e-mail as soon as you have the subjects offered and the cost of each. Also the cost of room and board. Thank You...Rudy Valentin, president Tampa Bay Coin Club, INC.
July 20, 2013 10:41


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