The Exchange : Ocean County Coin Club recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Ocean County Coin Club recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Members of New Jersey's Ocean County Coin Club met four months after Hurricane Sandy. It wasn't its usual meeting location as that was hit with more than three feet of water throughout the entire firehouse location in Point Pleasant Beach. Although five blocks from the ocean, high tides and waves brought much of the ocean inland on the barrier island of New Jersey. Much of the material within the firehouse was destroyed, including a portion of the club's cabinet that contained its library and items for club use at the meetings.


Due to the destruction of the firehouse and an anticipated repair time of 4 to 8 months before it can be used again, club President Dennis Berube and his staff made temporary arrangements with officials in the neighboring town of Brick to meet in the recreation room at the Brick Civic Center once a month rather than the two monthly meetings the club regularly has in Point Pleasant.


The turnout was excellent for the club's first meeting in four months. Sixty-three adults and seven YN's came out and were very pleased with the temporary location. There was a 45-minute YN meeting to kick-off the agenda, followed by a discussion over the club's situation that necessitates moving the meetings to Brick.


The winners of the gold- and silver-metals contest were announced with Val Weiss and Vin Maloney winning the gold and silver (respectively) awards of 1-ounce silvers for their guesses as to the price of gold and silver on Dec. 14. The YN's had their own contest with Mike Johnson winning both gold and silver. He took home two half-ounce silvers. Second-place winners received $10 gift certificates for purchases from club dealers. A total of 35 entries were received, said Jim Majoros, who conducted the contest.


The club also voted to pay its annual meeting fee of $500 to the firehouse although it will not have use of the firehouse during this period. It was determined that the funds could also assist the fire company in its rebuilding.


The club's next meeting is scheduled for 6-9 p.m. March 21 at the Brick Civic Center at 270 Chambersbridge Road. The meeting will include a YN program and an auction.


Written by Jim Majoros at 00:00

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