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Numismatic Halloween fun


The Durham Museum hosted their "Great Hall-oween" trick or treat party for kids last night.  Here's a link about the event.
I was asked to portray Byron Reed down in the Reed Gallery. What fun! As the kids and parents approached the exhibit area I would say (In full 19th Century Costume of course), "Hello, I'm Byron Reed, and welcome to my collection." Then as people would ask or if I had the opportunity, I would tell them about Byron Reed and the collection. Most oohs and aahs came from me telling them about the 1804 dollar. I would explain how Reed took a train from Omaha to New York in 1890 and bought the coin for $570 and now it's worth more than $3.5 million.  

Of course I handed out candy as well, which had most of the kids real attention. Ha! But there were a few kids who, when they entered the gallery, their excitement over the coins was obvious and they would start telling me about their own collections of state quarters or pennies or nickels. At that point I had to tell them about Omaha Coin Club and our YN program. As I said, what fun! It made me realize how many opportunities that there may be out there to share this hobby, and I was grateful, this opportunity happened to me.  The Durham estimated that over 600 people attended the event.  


Do you have a fun numismatic Halloween story? Email photos and descriptions to and we'll post them on The Exchange. 

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