The Exchange : ANA member explores the world of organized crime in new novel

ANA member explores the world of organized crime in new novel

It is no secret that numismatists are an interesting group of people with enough stories to make Scheherazade blush. One numismatist, known for his storytelling abilities recently became an author. Arizona numismatist and American Numismatic Association life member Sal Fusco recently published a novel called "The Malandrini," the culmination of a life spent watching and listening to the interesting world in which he grew up.


Fusco, a leading coin dealer since 1958 and a popular figure on the convention circuit, put his experiences to paper and the result is "The Malandrini," an ambitious novel that provides a unique tour of the seamy underside of 1950s organized crime and the people it ensnared. Fusco grew up in the Italian South Bronx during the 1940s and 50s and witnessed many of the events depicted in this fast-moving story. 


"As a kid, I heard many stories of neighborhood mobsters, but also about the big guys, like Frank Costello and 'Lucky' Luciano. They were like local myths, and they were legendary," says Fusco. These characters, who inspired awe and fear, permeateThe Malandrini,including what these ruthless people did to each other in their struggle to rise to the top. Fusco brings these long-lost stories to life in the pages of this unique novel and propels the reader to another place and time. The reader is transported to New York in the 1920s and 1950s, as well as Germany during the 1930s. Alternately funny and violent, "The Malandrini" introduces the reader to fascinating characters who deal in violence and the innocent people caught up in their maelstrom of evil.


The story revolves around Bull, a neighborhood tough who fights for his place at the table while avoiding being drawn into the web of evil spun by the local Mafia.  Bull rises through the underworld while struggling to maintain his identity and, more importantly, his soul. At times Mafia tale, love story and fantasy, "The Malandrini" lifts the veil on the underworld and brings the reader along on a rollicking ride fraught with danger, suspense and a few surprises along the way. The morés, attitudes and language of the day are captured realistically to illuminate the underside of the Italian South Bronx, warts and all, while introducing memorable characters that the reader will not soon forget.


"The Malandrini" is available on in e-book format and may be read on a Kindle, Nook, iPad or any computer.  To purchase a copy for $9.99, simply go to Amazon and search for "The Malandrini" or "Salvatore Fusco" or click here. Amazon will send the book electronically to the device of your choice. If you have any questions or would like to contact the author, email


If you are interested in stories of organized crime, "The Malandrini" promises to delight. 

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