The Exchange : Visit the ANA booth at the Big Cool Science Festival this weekend

Visit the ANA booth at the Big Cool Science Festival this weekend

Learn about the science behind numismatics at The Big Cool Science Festival at Colorado College on Saturday, April 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The festival is a free, fun filled day of hands-on science adventures. There will be live science demonstrations, tours and engaging activities.

Sam Gelberd, ANA Education Instructor, and Rod Gillis, ANA Numismatic Educator, from the American Numismatic Association will have three interactive demonstrations at the ANA booth located inside the Olin Fishbowl.

  1. Using safe, simple electrolysis to conserve Ancient Roman Coins. Learn how to restore and preserve artifacts for future generations.
  2. A guessing game using a balance/scale and two different coins. Kids will get to look at two coins and, based on their observations, guess which coin weighs more. Guess correct and they'll win the heavier coin! An incorrect guess will still earn them another cool numismatic prize.
  3. A display of toned and environmentally damaged/corroded coins. Information sheets will be displayed about these processes and how many (transition) metals interact with their surroundings.

After visiting the ANA booth, be sure to check out the other activity stations located around Barnes Science Center, Olin Hall, Shove Chapel and KRCC radio station.

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Check out the festival's event page on Facebook and its Twitter (@CScoolscience) page for updates.

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