The Exchange : ANA president receives numismatic battlefield commission

ANA president receives numismatic battlefield commission

ANA Pres Ostromecki Commissioned As REB General During Recent Las Vegas Numismatic Society Show

ANA President Walter Ostromecki Commissioned As Confederate General During the recent Las Vegas Numismatic Society Show

Meeting Of Presidents Las Vegas Numismatic Society Show . L-R ANA Pres And Confederate President Jefferson Davis Money Was Topic

Meeting Of Presidents Las Vegas Numismatic Society Show. ANA President Walter Ostromecki and Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

During the 51st Annual Las Vegas Numismatic Society (LVNS) show April 4-6 the ANA (I as a  long time LVNS member and ANA president) hosted an ANA information and membership table as well as handling the youth outreach activities and treasure hunt outside the bourse room and in the Palace Station theater area outside the Feast buffet. Adjacent to the ANA tables were two manned by the Las Vegas Civil War Living History Group. These folks dressed in both Union and Confederate uniforms displayed numerous Civil War mementos and shared in a thrice daily public real life presentation the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his top Aides (Generals).


On Sunday morning, the Confederate Generals had not shown up for the 11 a.m. presentation of the Colors and the hunt and capture of Jefferson Davis by Union forces. Due to the shortage of Confederates in uniform, ANA President Walt Ostromecki, received from Jefferson Davis a numismatic battlefield commission to general and became one of the two other uniformed General's (aides) to protect and flee "south" with Davis. Unfortunately, Union troops captured the group hiding inside the bourse floor. The Confederates (Walt included) were escorted off to Fort Monroe to await their fate. Needless to say the ANA was without a president for a short period of time as he was held under guard with Jefferson Davis. A benevolent coin collector and Union Officer, Las Vegas Coin Club President Joe Cavallaro, arranged for Walt's escape. 


Walt was photographed (maybe for black mail) in his Confederate General's uniform. Ah, but there's a bit more. The Jefferson Davis portrayer decided to join the ANA which was good grounds for his release from Union custody. Who says ANA membership doesn't have it's benefits? Jefferson Davis knows of one, "that his release from Union soldiers was tied to becoming an ANA member!" How about that for perks!


Photos courtesy of ANA President Walter Ostromecki   


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Welcome to this most esteemed Southern leadership role, Mr. President!
May 2, 2014 10:20


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