The Exchange : Southeast coin clubs listen to presentations, have auctions

Southeast coin clubs listen to presentations, have auctions

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Madison County Coin Club had Charles Cataldo speak about "The State of the Coin Market." Harold Fears received the ANA Presidential Award and Mike Campbell, Bob Jacques and Kurt Springfield received the ANA Numismatic Point Of Light award, all presented by ANA President Walter Ostromecki. 


All FUN member clubs can send two representatives to the FUN Coin Club Get Together at Summer FUN on Friday, July 11th at noon. We will have a buffet lunch, 10 silver eagle door prizes and a discussion on how to improve your coin club. Please send Tony Swicer discussion topics and RSVP by July 1.

If your club is planning a bus trip to Summer FUN, get your application in by June 1.

Ancient City Coin Club had 32 members at its last meeting. Ray Herz gave a program on "Grading 201- Part 1," followed by the auction. 

Brandon Coin Club had 41 members at its last meeting. Bill Jones gave a program on the history of the U.S. dime called "Hey Buddy can you spare a dime?" The program was followed by the auction.

Casselberry Coin Club had BJ Neff speak on "Cuds on Coins" and discuss the difference between a cud, a retained cud and a die break. He will also discuss a new website, There also was a silver eagle attendance prize and the club auction. 

Central Florida Coin Club had a table at the Central Florida Fair to educate people on coins and sign up new members. Six new members were signed up. The YN program was on "Storing your coins." BJ Neff gave a program on "Cuds on Coins." 

Florida Token Society will meet Saturday April 12, 10 a.m., at Denny's Restaurant 9880 International Drive, Orlando, FL. Trade, talk, lunch, show-n-tell and the auction.   

Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club had a program on "Seated Liberty Type Coins" by Greg Wagner. 

Ft. Walton Beach Coin Club had 63 members at its last meeting. Members discussed the upcoming coin show. The auction followed. 

Gold Coast Coin Club had a DVD from the ANA on "Detecting Counterfeit & Altered U.S. Coins." 

Greater Daytona Beach Coin Club had Mark Trout speak on "Where the Buffalo Nickel Roam on U.S. Coinage." Bob Hawes showed world currency. 

Greater Jacksonville Coin Club had a "Mini-Show," followed by the 50/50 raffle, door prizes, secret handshaker and nametag drawings. 

Greater Ocala Coin Club had a table at the Belleview Chili Cook Off. They gave away wooden nickels and elongated cents. Charles Opitz was the guest speaker on traditional money. 

North Lake Coin & Currency Club has sold 1,600 raffle tickets for their April Coin Raffle. There was a 50/50 drawing followed by the auction. 

Palm Beach Coin Club had three estate auctions at the two meetings in March. The club raised $400 from these auctions. The club is sending YN Sam Yambo to the ANA Summer Seminar. Eighty-four attended the last meeting. 

Sarasota Coin Club had a dinner meeting at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse. There were 61 members at its last meeting. Ben Todd told, "What was Hot & What was Not." Bart Bartanowicz spoke on the "Canadian One Cent Piece."

South Brevard Coin Club had a program on Morgan Dollars. It had several show-n-tells on a platinum coin, the silver American Alligator coin from the FUN show, Great White Shark coin from New Zealand, BU 1914 Lincoln cent, a 1932-S quarter and a 2-euro coin. 

Tampa Bay Coin Club had two new members and two guests at its last meeting. The club meeting date was changed to the second Tuesday of every month so as to not conflict with other club meetings. It had a good raffle and auction. Club Gasparilla medals are still available. 

Titusville Coin Club had a Chili Cook Off. Leo Grumbley won the contest. Six new members joined the club. The all silver raffle had four silver eagles and four other bullion coins. 

Treasure Coast Coin Club had its annual banquet and awards dinner at the Vero River House. Approximately 55 attended. Mike Brown, treasure diver, gave a PowerPoint presentation on his findings over the last six years. He talked about the fellow divers who got him into the sport. 

Venice Coin Club had 28 members and a guest at their last meeting. They had a "Wild & Wooly " quiz and mystery country quiz. The auction followed. 


Augusta Coin Club had Zach Richardson speak on "The Norfed Liberty Dollar." They had a show-n-tell followed by the auction. Forty-nine were present at the last meeting.


Lower Cape Fear Coin Club had a program on "Felix Schlag, the designer of the Jefferson Nickel". 2014 Kennedy half dollars are available to club members at cost. The club website will soon be updated at The club coin show is April 12-13 at the American Legion, 702 Pine Grove Dr., Wilmington, NC. 

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