The Exchange : Do your American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins Have Numismatic Value?

Do your American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins Have Numismatic Value?

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The American gold eagle is one of the most popular gold bullion coins available in the market today. Through 2013, over 20 million ounces of American gold eagles have been minted, putting these coins on par with South African gold krugerrands and Canadian gold maple leaf coins as the highest minted modern gold bullion coins. As we typically see in the coin market, collectors have identified American gold eagles that were produced in lower quantities, which has caused the value of these coins to rise above and beyond the gold bullion value; resulting in bullion coins selling at numismatic values. In today's article, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is going to take a look at the better date American gold eagle coins (by denomination) and identify for you coins that will bring you more than just your typical gold eagle premiums.

One Ounce American Gold Eagles

One ounce American gold eagles are the most popular denomination coins among gold coin investors, and account for nearly 83 percent of the total ounces of gold eagles produced through 2013. In terms of number of coins produced, only the tenth ounce American gold eagle comes close at slightly less than 13 million coins. Because of the relatively high production of 1 oz. gold eagles, at the moment none of these coins sell for more than the gold value of the coins, with the exception of burnished, commemorative and proof versions. However, in reviewing the mintage of these coins, we identified three dates that had production runs of less than 200,000, which are coins you might want to consider investing in, especially since these coins shouldn't sell for any more than common date gold eagles.  Consider acquiring 1 oz. coins from 2007, 2001 and 1996, which had production levels of 140,016, 143,605 and 189,148, respectively.

Half Ounce American Gold Eagles

Half-ounce American gold eagles are where we begin to see coins that contain numismatic value, which in some cases is quite substantial. In fact, the lowest minted American gold eagle bullion coin was a 1/2 ounce gold eagle produced in 1991 at a total mintage of 24,100 coins. Individuals who have been purchasing American gold eagles of each denomination for years may be astonished to hear that the current value of these coins, according to the most recent coin dealer newsletter, is $3,175! At a current gold price of $1,320, this is nearly five times the gold content of the coin. This is the most valuable American gold eagle coin followed by 1990, 1989 and 1988 half ounce gold eagles, all of which have a current market value in excess of $1,700. Other popular half ounce gold eagles include those minted in 1992, 1995, 1996, 1999 and 2001.

Quarter Ounce American Gold Eagles

In recent months, demand, and therefore premiums, have increased on quarter ounce American gold eagles. At one time available at rates of 2 percent to 3 percent above one-ounce American gold eagles, most of these coins are currently selling at premiums of 5 percent or more above one-ounce rates.  One reason may be because of the relatively low mintage of these coins versus one ounce gold eagles through the end of 2013 (3,652,508 vs. 16,872,038). Another may be that individuals are concerned that it may be difficult to sell one ounce gold eagles if the price of gold reaches $5,000 or more, as predicted by Peter Schiff and others. As far as better date quarter ounce gold eagles go, be on the lookout for coins produced in 1996 and earlier, all of which sell at numismatic rates. Other semi-key date quarter ounce gold eagles are those produced in 2001, 2002 and 2007, all of which have current values in excess of $500.

Tenth Ounce American Gold Eagles

Tenth ounce American gold eagle premiums have increased in recent months, both from a retail and wholesale perspective.  A favorite among survivalists, 1/10 ounce American gold eagles are a relatively affordable way to invest in gold bullion, even on a tight budget.  As mentioned earlier, the mintage of these coins is fairly high relative to other fractional gold coins, but there are still a few dates that sell for an additional premium due to their collectible value.  Be on the lookout for tenth ounce gold eagles from 1986 - 1991, 1993, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2007, all of which sell for $160 or more.  The most valuable tenth ounce gold eagle is from 1991 with a market value in excess of $200.  However, to realize the aforementioned premiums, the coins must be in brilliant uncirculated condition.


There's certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to American gold eagle bullion coins. As we highlighted above, some of these coins were produced in relatively low numbers and, in some cases, sell for premiums nearly five times the gold value of the coins. If you've been a long time buyer of American gold eagles, it's likely that you have some of these "numismatic" gold bullion coins in your collection. Be sure to identify which of your coins sell for an additional premium so that you can realize the full value of your American gold eagles when the time comes to sell your coins.

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