The Exchange : Southeast coin clubs listen to presentations, have show-n-tells

Southeast coin clubs listen to presentations, have show-n-tells

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Madison County Coin Club had ANA President Walter Ostromecki speak on ANA updates and give a program on "Dumb Coins." 


All FUN member clubs can send two representatives to the Summer FUN Coin Club Get Together Friday, July 11, at noon. I previously had written Saturday but that is in January.

The ANA Board of Governors has voted for the National Money Show to be in Orlando March, 2017.

Ancient City Coin Club had 31 at its last meeting. The club is preparing for Library talks during National Coin Week. The program was a DVD, "Money: History in Your Hands," from the ANA. Members shared their experiences at the FUN show. 

Brandon Coin Club had 38 at its last meeting. The program was "Two Political Medals with Interesting Stories" by Bill Jones. They had a regular auction followed by a YN auction. 

Casselberry Coin Club had NJ Neff speak on "Cuds & the Difference between a cud and retained cud and a die break." He discussed the new website,

Central Florida Coin Club has a booth at the Central Florida Fair from February 27th to March 9th. CFCC had five award winning exhibits at FUN. They were: Junior YN Justin Wurst, 1st place; Christian Harris, 3rd place; Senior YN Zack Lauer, 1st place.; Foreign Coins Tom Palmer, 1st place; U.S. Coins Steve Lauer, 3rd place. The club program was "Collecting U.S. Type Coins" by Tom Palmer. 

Florida Token Society will meet Saturday, April 12, 2014, at 10 a.m. The location is Denny's restaurant 9880 International Drive, across from the Orange County Convention Center. New officers for 2014 are: President Bob Hawes, 1st VP Mark Lighterman, 2nd VP Steve Ratliff, Secretary/Treasurer Pat Hynds, Editor Steve Ratliff. Board members are: Dee Hawes, Tom Peloquin, Gene Hynds, Ray Bows, and Randy Partin.  

Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club had Bill Sanders speak on his trip to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Greg Wagner spoke on "Seated Type Coins." 

Ft. Walton Beach Coin Club had 49 members at their last meeting. Three new members join at the meeting. Dave Parenteau gave a presentation on "Fake U.S. Coins" followed by the club auction. 

Gold Coast Coin Club studied "The Modern Mint Process" and "Detecting Counterfeit and Altered U.S. Coins," both courses are from the ANA Diploma Program. 

Greater Jacksonville Coin Club had 65 members and guests at their last meeting. Ray Herz gave a program on "AU/BU The Great Divide." Club members Peyton Souder and Richard Bouaquet won exhibit awards at FUN. 

Greater Ocala Coin Club had a great coin show, February 7-9, with 74 dealers manning 82 tables. Attendance was 1,154. John and Nancy Wilson signed up seven new ANA members. The club had raffle tickets, door prizes and wooden money or elongated give aways. 

North Lake Coin & Currency Club met February 12th. They are looking for a club President. The business meeting was followed by a raffle, 50/50 drawing and the auction. 

Palm Beach Coin Club had 90 at their last meeting, which included a 150 lot estate auction the first meeting and a 200 lot auction the second meeting in February. Carole Marshall won the club's essay contest and will be going to the ANA Summer Seminar with all expenses paid by the club. 

Sarasota Coin Club had 58 at their last meeting. Bart Bartanowicz had a program on "Mercury Dimes." He also spoke on "Farewell to the Canadian Cent." Ben Todd gave his "What is Hot, What is Not." 

South Brevard Coin Club had four raffle prizes for the meeting. Stan L. spoke on "Seated Liberties." Bonnie and Tim will tell what they learned at the FUN club luncheon. There were several show-n-tells. 

Tampa Bay Coin Club had past president John Fetzko give a program on "Indian Cents." The club had two new members and three guests. 

Titusville Coin Club held its first ever Chili Cook Off before the meeting. They had six entries and Leo Grumbley won. Six new members joined. The all silver raffle had four 2014 silver eagle along with four other bullion coins. The silver elephant coin was the first one picked. 

Treasure Coast Coin Club's 50th annual coin show was a huge success. The program was "An Overview of Lincoln Cents 1909 to Present." 

Venice Coin Club had 25 members and three guests at their February meeting. They discussed their coin shows success. The program by Bart Bartanowicz was "Mercury Dimes" followed by the club auction. 


Augusta Coin Club had a show-n-tell followed by Garry Naples giving a program on "Southern Bank Notes & Bonds" followed by the auction. 


Lower Cape Fear Coin Club had a program on "Counterfeit Coins" by a local Secret Service Agent.

Written by Tony Swicer at 00:00

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