The Exchange : Big, exciting changes are coming to

Big, exciting changes are coming to


Over the next couple of weeks, you'll begin to notice some major changes to That's because we're just about ready to launch the ANA's new Association Management System. The beta version of the new website will be coming out later this summer. But first, let's look at the immediate changes coming to


The old Association Management System will be taken offline on Thursday night (May 15). The AMS is the tool that allows members to log in to the Members-Only section, pay dues and set email preferences. It's also the tool that stores all dealer and club data that is used in the club and dealer directories.


Between May 15 and May 27, there will be no access to the Members-Only section, Dealer Directory and Club Directory. There will also be no online registration available for the World's Fair of Money. We will have a link to The Numismatist on the front page of the website so that digital subscribers can still read your magazine.


After the new AMS comes online, the old will remain the same for a few weeks, but with a new Members-Only section. The new Members-Only section will include the ability to pay dues, set email and collecting preferences, and search the dealer and club directories more efficiently.  


Members will receive an email with instructions for logging into the new Members-Only section when it comes online.


By early June, the beta version of will be available for testing. If you're interested in joining our group of beta testers (i.e. help us find bugs on the new website), please drop me an email at and I'll add you to the list of testers.


The ANA has Membership Services representatives standing by to help anyone who may experience issues. Email them at or call 800-514-2646.


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