Mediation Services

Complaints and Mediation Services

ANA members must adhere to the ANA Code of Ethics. Any member who is determined, after having had an opportunity to respond to a complaint, to have violated the ANA Code of Ethics as contained in the Bylaws, is subject to disciplinary action by the ANA.

Formal Mediation Proceedings:

For all such Complaints that meet the necessary criteria, the following Association guidelines will apply.  The Respondent will be notified of the compaint and a written response will be required within 30 days of notification of complaint. The Complainant will be notified of the Respondents reply and may respond, if desired, to the Association within 15 days of notification. The formal complaint and both parties doccumentation will be referred to the Mediation Committee. If disciplinary action is taken against an ANA member, the name, city and state of the member in question, along with the grounds for disciplinary action, may be published in The Numismatist, per ANA board approval. 

Mediation Fees - ANA Members

For current Association members who were members at the time of the actions complained of, the "Member Fees" rate shall be paid to the Association. For non-ANA members, or for matters where the Complainant was not an ANA member at the time of the actions complained of, the "Non-Member Fees" rate shall be paid to the Association.

Numismatic transactions

valued at: Member Fees Non-Member Fees
$0 - $1,000.00 $100 $200
$1,000.01 - $2,500.00 $150 $300

It is the policy of the Association to defer offering mediation services to individual members regarding payment disputes until 90 days and all other efforts to resolve are extinguished.

The Association will not intercede with disputes involving auction or grading companies.


PDF icon Click here to download the Mediation Complaint Form.