Candidate for Governor: Jeff Wuller

Glendale, AZ
LM 1208942


WullerJeff is a collector and professional numismatist who is promoting the improvement of "value" and "benefits" for all members. "Let's improve the ANA so that all members realize value and are eager to be associated."


Jeff brings to the table honesty, integrity and expects transparency. From his background as a U.S. Air Force officer, veteran and senior information technology management professional with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, he knows how important the term "teamwork" is. As a current professional numismatist, he knows how important knowledge and integrity are and what it takes to obtain and retain customers. "We are all members and customers of the ANA. Let's work to make this a better ANA!"


For Jeff, coin collecting started with a "war nickel" that he found in a rock driveway in Southern Illinois at the age of 12. With that spark of interest, he soon realized how much he loved the hunt for that next coin and how passionate he was for this hobby, which soon blossomed into a mail-order coin business at the age of 17. He returned back to the hobby again after completing college and military service. Jeff's current interests are upgrading his U.S. type and half dollar collections.  


Jeff first joined the ANA in the '70s and has since converted to life membership. He has been active with coin clubs in California and Arizona, and currently is a member of several clubs throughout the country. He is a past president of the Arizona Territorial Coin Club in Glendale, Arizona. He has given numerous presentations on coin collecting and U.S. patterns. Jeff has attended ANA Summer Seminar courses on advanced coin grading, counterfeit and altered coin detection, and the modern minting process. He currently attends numerous coins shows a year, actively buying, selling and trading coins, currency and other exonumia.


Jeff Wuller is passionate about the hobby and wants to give back by serving, and will strive to ensure that the ANA provides a highly educational, resourceful and enjoyable experience for all members. "I ask for your vote for 2013-15 ANA governor." 



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