Candidate for Governor: Richard Jozefiak

Madison, AL
LM 6087


JozefiakI am running for ANA governor in the 2013 election so that I can serve the ANA.


I will apply my 20 years of ANA volunteer ­experience and 35 years of professional engineering experience to serving on the Board of Governors. I am a life member, joining the ANA in 1990.


As ANA governor, I will work to continue the efforts and commitment to bring the ANA to state and regional coin shows, continue the outreach to members, increase numismatic educational opportunities, and support the ­rotation of the World's Fair of MoneySM to different areas of the country. I am committed to the ANA vision of being "the most respected, influential, and beneficial numismatic association focused on education, fellowship and public service."


My 20 years of volunteer experience includes service at the local, state and national levels. I have served as a club representative, district delegate, regional coordinator and district representative in Alabama, Florida and Virginia. I have been the district representative for Alabama since 2006.


I served on the ANA Educational Committee (2008-09) and Strategic Planning Committee (2011-12).


My 35 years of professional experience includes project management and project engineering. I have led a number of projects supporting the government at different locations across the country, from Alaska to Florida and Hawaii to New York. With my work travel, I had the opportunity to visit numerous local coin clubs and coin shows. By meeting with many ANA members and non-members across the country over the years, I can bring a new and different perspective to the ANA Board of Governors.


I have been awarded a number of major ANA awards for my service: Medal of Merit (2011), Glenn Smedley Memorial Award (2005), Century Club Award for member recruitment (2011), Outstanding District Representative (2009, 2010), ANA Presidential Award (2004) and Outstanding Regional Coordinator (2004).


I have published over 100 numismatic articles in the local, state, regional and national numismatic press over the years. I have exhibited at many state, regional and national coin shows.



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