Candidate for Governor: Scott Barman

Rockville, MD
ANA 1210115


BarmanDid you know that the average age of the ANA membership is 59? Or that the ANA has averaged 27,000-28,000 members for over 10 years, while reports claim there are over 3 million coin collectors that started as a result of the 50 States Quarter® Program?


While the ANA has a lot to offer collectors of all ages, we are not doing enough to attract and engage members between the ages of 18 and 40. I believe that using technology can help the ANA reach more members and better serve current members.


Technology has changed since I wrote my first program in the 1970s. Today, we use technology for everything from working to social­izing. Classes and seminars are held online. ­Virtual organizations meet online. Technology is now integrated into the fabric of life for those under 40. There is a lot that can be done with modest investments to keep younger members interested and help others to better take advantage of being an ANA member.


With the content the ANA has to offer, the organization can be a leader in educating the public and possibly a model for similar organizations to emulate.


Another area that has to be addressed is the stability of the ANA headquarters. For the second time, a dismissed executive director has chosen to pursue a claim against the ANA in court. This gives the appearance of a dysfunctional situation in Colorado Springs. I  believe that the professionals working for the ANA are competent and qualified, but the Board of Governors must look into what it will take to create an atmosphere to support them and prevent the problems of the past.


I am currently serving as president of the Montgomery County Coin Club, vice president of the Maryland State Numismatic Association, as well as being both organizations' ­webmaster. For the last year, I have been working with the ANA Technology Committee, providing assistance to the ANA Board of Governors to repair and grow the ANA's technology platforms.


Read more about my platform and biography at my website, Thank you for your support.



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