Candidate for Governor: Steve D'Ippolito

Peyton, CO
LM 6100


DIppolitoI've lived in or near Colorado Springs (the ANA headquarters) most of my life, and
have collected since childhood. I've held offices in both local clubs and worked for their coin show.


Since 1998, I've been involved in ANA exhibiting, winning multiple best-of-show awards, and judging since 2006. I've endowed the National Money Show's best-of-show award, and served as assistant chief judge and as the ANA Exhibits Committee chair since 2009, showing that the two most recent ANA presidents and the chief judge (a former Board member) value what I bring to the Association.


The past three Boards have rescued the ANA from disaster, but many of those who steered the ANA through this turnaround have stepped down for a well-earned rest. They-and you-deserve to know the new Board will see that the ANA stays fixed. 


A healthy ANA is needed to face the challenges of the future. First, we face an increasingly "cashless" society. Cash won't disappear, but is in decline, and we must counter this with aggressive efforts to encourage new coin collectors. 


We also face increasingly sophisticated fakes. "Slabs" aren't a guarantee any more, because they're also being faked! The fakers hide in countries apathetic to their fraud, but we can attack them through education.


Education itself is a challenge and an opportunity because of the Internet. The Internet changes constantly, meaning the ANA's ongoing website upgrade will never be completed.  Fortunately, the Internet allows us to reach more people with more information for less money than ever before. Not only should the Museum and Library go on the web, but also content for new collectors and all data on fakes, so any member can access it on demand.


The ANA has done so much for me since I joined in 1990. With your vote, and your feedback after I am elected, I will work to ensure it continues to work for its members into the future.


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