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Gallo -romanobv _thumb

Antoninianus (double denarius) from the Gallo-Roman Empire, A.D. 268-270 during the reign of M. Piawonius Victorinus who ruled the breakaway empire of Gaul and briefly Spain and Great Britain.







Septimiusobv _thumb


Silver denarius issued during the rule of Septimius Severus, A.D. 193-211, who held important posts under Emperor Marcus Aurelius before assuming supreme control of the Roman empire.




Mauryanobv _thumb

Square silver coin issued between 321 and 181 BC in ancient India by the Mauryan Empire, which was created after the death of Alexander the Great.








Probusobv _thumb

Antoninianus issued during the reign of Marcus Aurelius Probus (A.D. 276-282), who rose to distinction in the armies of Roman Emperors Valerian, Claudius and Aurelian.






Smyrnaobv _thumb




Greek Bronze coin, featuring a figure of the epic poet Homer (on the reverse) issued in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC in Ionia, on the west coast of modern-day Turkey.





Arpuliaobv _thumb



Greek bronze piece issued between 300 and 200 B.C. in Arpi, a city settled by the Greeks in Southeast Italy.






Gotarzesobv _thumb

Silver tetradrachn issued under King Gotarzes II (AD 40-51) in the Parthian Empire, which was created in modern-day Iran after becoming a great enemy of Rome.







Pamphyliaobv _thumb

Silver stater - famous for its depiction of two wrestlers - issued between 400 and 300 BC in the Pamphylian city of Aspendus, now southwest Turkey.






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