Coins for A's

Earn 3 or more A's in schoolCoins 4As -graph
and we'll send you a coin and
a FREE 6-month membership*
to the American Numismatic Association.

Send a copy of your report card with 3 or more A's to:
Rod Gillis, Numismatic Educator
American Numismatic Association
818 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs,
CO 80903 or via email to
Available each marking period.


Become an ANA Young Numismatist!

  • For young people, ages 17 & younger.
  • Learn all about coins and money!
  • Earn quality coins by participating!

* Basic membership provides the online, digital version of our monthly magazine, 
The Numismatist.


Earn Early American Copper Coins - Add some of the earliest American coins to your collection and learn about American history.

Collect Ancient Coins
 - Earn beautiful ancient coins by writing articles, school reports, doing presentations or creating a coin exhibit.


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