Article VIII Elections, Ethics

Section 1. Publication


a) No person shall submit for publication or cause to be published any printed, paid advertisement promoting any person's candidacy in an ANA election without that person's consent.


b) No member may cause to be published or distributed any advertisement relating to an ANA election that does not include the name and ANA membership number of the sponsoring person or ­organization. If the sponsor is a committee or organization, the name and address of its chairman or other principal represen­tative must be included in the advertisement.


Section 2. Statements Regarding Candidates

No member may make or publish any false, misleading, libelous or slanderous statements regarding any candidate.


Section 3. No Association Endorsements

No advertisement, e-mail, webpage or electronic messaging relating to an ANA election (nor any envelope or wrapper therefor) shall include any name, abbreviation, device or address that will in any manner indicate or imply the Association's endorsement of, or opposition to, any candidate.


Section 4. Violation of Election Ethics

Any Member violating any of the preceding provisions shall be subject to expulsion, suspension or other disciplinary action therefor by the Board of Governors.