man examining coins
man and woman at table
people at a table looking at coins
young numismatist at a table
man writing
people sitting around a table
man reading book
person examining coins
man looking at graded coin
people sitting at a table watching a presentation
room full of people looking at books on shelves
small group of people
young numismatist looking at money museum exhibit
man speaking in front of large group
people looking at a booth at a show


Dollar Guy

Level 5

I was there and the pictures tell a lot of stories. The comraderie is the best - the food was okay. Lots of chances to renew friendship and find new friends. Once again i will do my best to return next year and learn more and have new things to talk about. Rubbing shoulders with lots of people you only read about and her about. Summer Seminars are a great investment in the hobby no doubt.


Level 4

Looks like fun.


Level 5

Thanks for the pictures


Level 6

I was there. Everyone should go. If you can't afford it apply for a scholarship. They have Y/N and adult types!! You will learn more then you think is possible in a short period of time..


Level 5

Really wishing I was there!!!


Level 6

Looks like a great time! Wish I was there! : )

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