06 Apr 2014

ANA Announces PNG Credential Program

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ANA Announces PNG Credential Program 

The American Numismatic Association will honor Professional Numismatists Guild dealer badges at its conventions, and will authorize PNG members to work behind bourse booths wearing both 
their PNG badge and an official ANA convention ribbon. 

“Acceptance of PNG credentials at ANA conventions and events provides for easier access by all show participants, saving PNG dealers valuable time,” said PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman. 

The policy will save PNG dealers time during registration, and ensure that they can wear credentials that often have taken years to earn. “It’s the mutual goal of both organizations to provide a more seamless participation,” said ANA Executive Director Chris Cipoletti. 

The credentials will be honored at the spring National Money Show ™ and World’s Fair of Money®, held each summer, as well as special events and upcoming programs. 

Dealer’s inquiring about bourse booths at ANA conventions and shows should contact the ANA Meeting Services Department. A number of booths are still available for the August 8-12 convention in Milwaukee and for the March 7-9, 2008 spring show in Phoenix. The summer ANA conventions include the traditional PNG Day the day prior to the convention opening. 

For more information on PNG convention days, membership and PNG credentials, call 760-728-1300 or visit www.pngdealers.com. 

Originally Release Date: April 6, 2007
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9868
                            Email: convention@money.org


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