02 Apr 2015

ANA life member promotes National Coin Week

National Coin Week | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

ANA life member, Richard Hand, stands in front of an exhibit he created in honor of National Coin Week. Hand, an avid NCW participant, says he is "counting down the days." 

It took Hand 4 days to gather and research the items and 6 hours to set up the case. The exhibit will be on display for the next 2 months at the public library in Brockton, Mass. 

Every year during the third full week of April, the ANA and collectors across the country celebrate National Coin Week by letting others know about the joys of collecting and studying coins and other forms of money. For more information about National Coin Week, visit www.money.org/numismatic-events/national-coin-week.



Level 5

Now that shows passion for the hobby!


Level 6

Very nicely done!! Thanks!


Level 6

Very cool display!

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