12 Aug 2001

ANA salutes its top member recruiters

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ANA salutes its top member recruiters

Expanding its membership base has long been a goal of the American Numismatic Association (ANA). With this in mind, each year the Association tallies its new members and their sponsors, and honors the top recruiters in two categories - dealer and individual members. This year's most successful recruiters were recognized for their efforts at the ANA's 110th Anniversary Convention in Atlanta.

The Dealer Booster award went to David Sundman of Littleton Coin Company of Littleton, New Hampshire, who recruited more than 350 new members last year.

This year's Al Baber Member Booster Award was presented to William "Bud" Nugent, who brought in more than 60 new members this year.

The Second Century awards go to Nugent and Anthony Swiatek. Both have recruited 200 members since 1991.

The Century Awards were presented to John Wilson and Larry Gentile Sr., both of whom have recruited 100 members since 1991. 

Originally Release Date: August 12, 2001
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Outstanding service to the ANA. Thanks to all.

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