07 Feb 2014

The Course Catalog for Summer Seminar 2007 Now Available

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The Course Catalog for Summer Seminar 2007 Now Available 

The Course Catalog for the American Numismatic Association’s 39th annual Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs is available online and as a special pull-out supplement in the February Numismatist. It includes complete descriptions for 38 classes and 11 evening mini-seminars including nine offerings that are new for 2007. 

Summer Seminar is a once-a-year opportunity for numismatic scholarship and camaraderie that offers students a varied selection of week-long courses. Session I is June 24-29 and Session II is June 30-July 6. 

“The list of instructors for Seminar 2007 is exceptional,” said Jane Colvard, manager of education planning. “Many of the classes will fill quickly, so I encourage students to register as soon as possible to guarantee placement.” 

Registration can be completed online at www.money.org (click on “Summer Seminar” from the “Numismatic Events” dropdown menu), by phone at 719-482-9826 or by mailing the registration form from the catalog. Registrations completed by March 31 receive a $50 discount. 

Session I Classes: 
  • • Introduction to Grading United States Coins 
  • • Advanced Grading of United States Coins 
  • • Intaglio Engraving 
  • • Adventures in Numismatics and the Sights of Colorado Springs 
  • • Introduction to Digital Numismatic Photography 
  • • Collecting Coins of the World, 1500 to Present 
  • • Ancient Coins, 650 B.C. to A.D. 1453 
  • • Pioneer Gold Coins and Western Assay Ingots 
  • • Coins of the Roman Republic and Early Empire 
  • • Investing in Numismatics (NEW!) 
  • • Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents 
  • • Advanced United States Silver Dollar Collecting (NEW!) 
  • • Attributing United States Coins (NEW!) 
  • • The Lincoln Cent Power Collector (NEW!) 
  • • Coins of the Middle Ages 
  • • Introduction to United States Paper Money 
  • • Numismatics for the Museum Professional 
  • • So You Want To Be a Coin Dealer? (NEW!) 
  • • Counterfeit Detection of World Paper Money Session I Mini-Seminars: 
  • • England Before the Millennium 
  • • Women in Power 
  • • MPC Boot Camp 
  • • Coin Care, Conservation and Preservation Methods (NEW!) 
  • • Conder Tokens 

Session II Classes: 
  • • Introduction to Grading United States Coins 
  • • Advanced United States Coin Grading and Problem Coins 
  • • Detection of Counterfeit and Altered Coins 
  • • Coins in the Classroom 
  • • Adventures in Numismatics and the Sights of Colorado Springs 
  • • Numismatic Literature and Research 
  • • Numismatics of the Holy Land and the Jewish People, from Ancient to Modern Times 
  • • So-Called Dollars (NEW!) 
  • • Preparing a Winning Competitive Exhibit 
  • • United States National Bank Notes 
  • • Military Numismatics since 1930 and Advanced Military Numismatics 
  • • Numismatics of the American Colonial Period 
  • • The Modern Minting Process, Errors and Varieties 
  • • United States Tokens 
  • • Introduction to Early American Copper Coinage 
  • • Byzantine 101(NEW!) 
  • • The Milled Coins of England, 1500-1900 
  • • Digital Photography 
  • • The Art of Engraving 

Session II Mini-Seminars 
  • • Fundamentals of Grading Paper Money 
  • • The History of Mexico Through Her Coinage, 1860-1921 
  • • Coin Care, Conservation and Preservation Methods (NEW!) 
  • • Organizing a Coin Show (NEW!) 
  • • Odd and Curious Money 
  • • Judges Certification Program 

For more information on Seminar classes, contact the ANA Education Department at 719-482-9869 or e-mail education@money.org. 

Originally Release Date: February 7, 2007
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