05 Jun 2015

The Story of the Magical Coin

Young Numismatists Exchange | ANA Official Post | Jake Sherlock

Numismatic fiction by Mihir Kinjawadekar:

 “It’s my lucky day!” I thought as I bent down to pick up the shiny coin on the floor. The Turkish 10 kurus coin that I held sparkled in the light coming through the beautiful domes of the Blue Mosque.

It was 9 a.m. on 22nd October 1950, the last day of our trip to Turkey. As we left the mosque, I decided that I should start collecting coins of different countries. So I saved it. When I was flying back to U.S.A., I kept my coin safe. I did not want to tell my parents about my coin until Christmas, because then I would tell them Santa brought it for me. I kept the coin in a special safe that I had made in art class. I took it out often and thought about what I would do with my coin collection. 

During Thanksgiving break, my parents took me to St. Louis, MO, to see the Mississippi river, Gateway Arch, and other attractions. I took my Turkish coin along with me wherever we went. One day, as we cruised along the Mississippi river, I leaned over the boat railing to see fish in the water. The coin was in my hand, and before I knew it, I had lost it in the river! 

I started crying and my parents asked me what happened. I told them I got hurt. So they took me back to the hotel. That night I slept early. The next day I woke up and looked in my drawer, expecting to see the coin. Suddenly I remembered that I had lost it. I pulled over the pillow and covered my head. I looked down at the mattress and there I found …..the coin!

I was so glad that the coin was back. I now knew that the coin was magical. I grabbed it and took it with me. When we went to the Gateway Arch, I stood behind my parents and dropped the coin and went away. That night, as I crawled into bed, I was eager for morning to come, because I hoped I would get my coin back. 

That night I had a dream where the magical coin could come back to me only once. But the next day when I looked under the pillow, I was relieved. The coin was there. I still wasn’t sure if the coin would return every time that I lost it. I decided to find out.
Later one day, I threw it in the fire. I was excited because I was going to solve this mystery. The next morning I saw the coin under my pillow. From that day on, I knew the coin would be with me forever!



Level 5

Nice story. Fun to read (and I'm guessing fun to write). BTW the Gateway Arch was not completed until October, 1965. So the coin may have some magical time travel properties too!. Thanks.


Level 5

Magical indeed!

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