15 Jul 2014

Ocean County Club holding annual hot dog night July 17th

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By Jim Majoros

The Ocean County Club is having its annual "hot dog" night July 17th.   We begin at 6 p.m. - hot dogs for everyone plus soda, coffee and whatever any member brings out as a donation.   Fortunately, we use a local firehouse in Point Pleasant Beach for our meetings and the facilities are great for what we do.   We will still have a junior meeting at 6:45 and the regular meeting at 7:30.   This is just another fun type activity for clubs to use to improve their moral, attendance and membership.

In July and August, our club reduced their meetings to one monthly rather than the two.   It gives our staff a bit of a relaxation during the summer as our meetings are very busy.   We have 6 to 8 dealers at each meeting, along with a YN program that includes education and a free coin auction for 45 minutes.   After the YN program, we have our regular club meeting, then go into the regular auction of about 70 - 90 lots.  We usually end it all around 9 to 9:15 p.m.  
In January and February, we will also have only one monthly meeting due to possible snow and freezing weather.  


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