06 Nov 2007

Summer Seminar Dates Set Through 2015

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Summer Seminar Dates Set Through 2015

Know what you’re doing June 27, 2015? Enjoying the first day of the ANA’s annual Summer Seminar, of course. 

The ANA has scheduled Summer Seminar dates through 2015. With many groups returning to the beautiful Colorado College year after year, advanced scheduling allows Summer Seminar attendees to plans trips well in advance and ensures space in dorms, communal areas, meeting rooms and more room in the cafeteria. Overall, it makes the sessions more comfortable for students and instructors. 

“We want people to know the dates well in advance to make planning a trip easier,” ANA Educational Programs Director Jane Colvard said. “This should also reduce or prevent scheduling conflicts with coin shows.” 

Summer Seminar dates 
  • 2008: Session 1 is June 21-27; Session 2 is June 28-July 4 
  • 2009: Session 1 is June 27-July 3; Session 2 is July 4-10 
  • 2010: Session 1 is June 26-July 2; Session 2 is July 3-9 
  • 2011: Session 1 is June 25-July 1; Session 2 is July 2-8 
  • 2012: Session 1 is June 23-29; Session 2 is June 30-July 6 
  • 2013: Session 1 is June 22-28; Session 2 is June 29-July 5 
  • 2014: Session 1 is June 28-July 4; Session 2 is July 5-11 
  • 2015: Session 1 is June 27-July 3; Session 2 is July 4-10 

Summer Seminar student arrival, registration and orientation occur on Saturdays. Classes begin Sunday afternoon and end Thursday afternoon. Students depart on Fridays. 

For more information, call 719-482-9869 or e-mail education@money.org. 

Originally Release Date: Novemeber 6, 2007
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9821
                       Email: pr@money.org


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