24 Aug 2016

Finding the Best Coin Magnifier

Coins | ANA Official Post | ANAwebmaster

By LCC Writing Team 

Ask any coin collector, new or experienced, and you’ll quickly discover the coin magnifier is high on the list of essential tools. Whether you are sorting through coins for a key date or taking a detailed look at a high-end Morgan silver dollar, you’ll need a trusted magnifier. There are a variety of types on the market today, all with different bells and whistles. 



Level 5

I have a few different ones. 5X, 8X I use the most and a 20X to really see details, sharpness, error conditions, etc.


Level 6

I believe it's a personal choice. Try some different kinds and magnification and see what you like. I prefer my old Bausch & Lomb fold-up with 2 lenses, which can make up 3X, 4X and 7X. It comes with a nice black bag holder that I also include a rare-earth magnet to check silver coins.

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