09 Feb 2022

A Message from Kim Kiick, ANA Executive Director

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Dear ANA Members, Bloggers and Readers:

It has come to the Association’s attention that there are a number of concerns regarding the Member Blog. As Executive Director, I’d like to address those concerns as best I can, and would also like to take this opportunity to remind this community of the reasons that our Member Blog exists, and revisit what it means to be an ANA member.

First, this blog was created with one primary goal in mind: to provide a platform for ANA members to freely express their passion for numismatics, exchange stories and images from their collections, and enjoy fellowship among other hobbyists.

Over the years, we’ve adapted and updated our blog and forum terms of use in order to continually foster an environment where all ANA members feel welcome to participate, regardless of their level of numismatic skill or individual blogging styles.

As ANA members, our intentions should be to encourage one another and learn from each other — and this spirit of togetherness should be reflected in the way members communicate on the ANA website. Mutual respect, courtesy, inclusion and love for the hobby are the cornerstones of this community.

With that, I’d like to announce a few upcoming changes and provide guidance and answers that I hope will result in greater understanding while easing concerns that have recently come to light.

  • Who should I contact with concerns about potential blog violations or questionable content? If you take issue with something that you read, or feel that a blog post or comment is inappropriate, please refrain from personally addressing the situation with another member directly. Instead please refer concerns to this form. Once your message is received, an ANA Community Manager will investigate the situation and contact you if further information is required. Despite what may be good intentions, please do not take it upon yourself to “police” other members’ content.
  • What is considered inappropriate content (text and/or images)? 
    • User content deemed to be spam or questionable spam.
    • User content deemed irrelevant to numismatics.
    • User content intended for commercial purposes or to buy, sell or trade items.
    • Plagiarized content; or any content that violates copyright.
    • User content containing profanity.
    • User content containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive.
    • User content containing hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group.
    • In addition, user content shall not be illegal or unlawful, shall not infringe any third party’s legal rights, and shall not be capable of giving rise to legal action whether against you, the ANA, or a third party under any applicable law.
  • What are the updates to the blog and forum terms of use? You may view the fully updated terms of use here.
  • What other changes can I expect to see? In an effort to best serve the ANA blogging community as a whole, the ANA is taking the following actions:
    • We’ll soon be adding functionality to the blog that will allow members to choose whether or not comments will be allowed on their posts. 
    • Several members have expressed confusion regarding the member points system. This is being evaluated, and there will be an update in the near future.
    • The ANA values the time and effort that our members devote to participating in our community blog. We intend to designate a staff blog moderator in the coming weeks so that we may better engage with our member blogging community and actively take part in comments and conversations.

In conclusion, please make no mistake that the ANA appreciates each and every one of you, and we want your membership in the association to provide a source of knowledge, fellowship, and joy. Moreover, we depend on you — our blogging community — to maintain a space that promotes the ANA mission to “help all people discover and explore the world of money.”


Kim Kiick, ANA Executive Director


Thanks for the info. Mike, that was the longest comment I've ever seen!


Level 4

When you little scamps get together, you're worse than a sewing circle


Level 7

All is well and good. But here if someone doesn't like what you comment on they run to complain. I give suggestions. I have not written anything on anyone's blog that seemed to be disrespectful. For all the years I have worked hard for myself and the ANA and there members I might be gone in two weeks. That's right. I don't even get to defend myself. Abuse is out of control. One member is following 6500 people and has no contributed anything in 8 years. And people follow him. Why. I have asked with never getting a response . I love the ANA. It saved my life. My doctors told me get a hobby. One of my neurosurgeons was a collector. I found the ANA. I received a commendation from my peers. It has never been done . I cherish it. Nothing better than being honored by your peers. So because people.were not signing on I decide to try try with others to help this site. I have always helped people especially the kids. I'm currently becoming a life member. I have traumatic brain injury and fractured neck with other injuries. It takes me most of the time ten days to write one. I make sure the history and research is correct.I tell members when there history was wrong . All said thanks and corrected it. But one ran and complained about something I wrote and now my career here is on the line. I don't get a chance to defend my self. It was about cut and paste. Most blogs are in our own words. But when a blog has words they don't understand themselves its cut and paste. So to all my friends and all who work to make this site the best. Thanks. And thanks to the ANA. They have been good to me and I don't understand this action. God bless you all. Be safe and stay well. Your friend and fellow collector. Mike P.S. I never never wrote anything offensive on anyone blog. And when history is wrong that is dangerous to those who don't know. They will remember the wrong infomation. That doesn't make sense. I send a message or I said say this is not to be disrespectful but and I put the write info in the comment. Its been done to me many times. I never went and complained. I was abused on some of my blogs. I don't run and complain I move on. Or if I ask the member to take it down and he or she won't I take the blog down. I don't run and comp!ain. I have never been so insulted in my life because someone cannot take consecutive criticism. Its not fair to me. I'm sorry but most of the ANA doesn't see what we do on the blogs we learn. We share. I never have learned so much in my life since I got here. Now to end that learning because of a forum is a little much.I won't list the things I have done for fellow members my few donations. I wanted to be a life member so fast but when your 68 and on a fixed income that's hard. So I was glad they do it in installments.. Again be safe be well take care and God bless you.all.


Level 4

***Over the years, we’ve adapted and updated our blog and forum terms of use in order to continually foster an environment where all ANA member*** While I appreciate the spirit and intent that the ANA has about this software, and I look forward to some light moderation, this clause is a self contadiction and not obtainable. If someone is using the blog in an abusive way, they make other users ***RIGHTFULLY*** angry and to feel unwelcome. You can't have it all. My guess is that you realize this. You can never have it all. The majority of users have given up this blog space because of the abuse of a few users, actually ONE in particular. If you do not intercede constructively, which it sounds like you are attempting to do, the software can not be used by ALL people, or even most people and most users will do as they have...walk away. They find some other place to talk about coins. The blog space is being abused by one specific user, at least one that I see, and, with all due respect, you need to do something better than defending him. Maybe with enough encouragement he will fly right. But there is more than a moderation problem here. I have come to reluctantly agree with those that are opposed to assigning points for blogs. It encourages narcissism, dramaturgy, and histrionics. If someone wants to post 2 or even 10 quickly written posts in the FORUM about their pocket change finds per day, I am fine with that. It is a threaded forum and I can read it by topic and header. But the blog demands higher standards. First, it is a single shared thread. first in first out. And you get points for it! That sets up all the drama. Perhaps we should limit Blogs to TWO posts per week. That is MORE than enough. FWIW, issues of moderation are as old as the internet. Year and years ago, slashdot used self-moderation to help remove the moderation burden. Readers voted on posts and articles and the most popular rise and the least popular drop. It is not an ideal solution, but maybe there is no ideal solutions. We need to figure out how to shift the posts from the blog space to the forum and nearly all the other troubles then go away.


Level 5

Thank you for this. It is much needed.


Level 6

Well sure, thanks. It seems to me that the ANA has gone WOKE! My opinion. I could be wrong. Please clear this up for me. If a blog has incorrect or flat out wrong info in it are we allowed to comment so as to get it corrected? With all due respect of course. Thanks for the update here. I hope to be reading blogs with better and correct info in them soon.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Seems like we are headed in the right direction with these policy changes. I personally feel the point system should be scrapped entirely as they only appear to create tensions that are disruptive. I would also like to merge the forum and blog into one entity so members can write something long and informative or can write something short like a question or just something simple like "Hey, I received a silver dime in change today". Finally, I think it would be a mistake to penalize anyone for preceding actions that may have led to these new policies. Let's all start with a clean slate and continue to build friendships and knowledge in the best tradition of Numismatics.


Level 5

Yes. Thank you for this.


Level 6

Thank you for the information...

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