09 Mar 2018

So You Want to Go Pro

Coins | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

By Jeff Garrett

Courtesy of NGC

How to transform a rewarding hobby into a career in numismatics.

I am truly blessed to do what I love for a living. Every day is exciting, and most days I look forward to going to work. You never know what that next phone call will be about.

My life as a coin dealer is like the “Antiques Road Show” on a daily basis! You still have to run a business, which has its challenges, but in general, I’m living the dream.

Perhaps you have thought about trying to become a professional rare coin dealer. Regardless of your age, numismatics offers a lot of ways to make a living. Knowing where and how to start can be the hard part. You will also need the skills to make it in the world of professional numismatics. Everyone’s path is different, but the following may help you navigate the world of becoming a professional.

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Level 6

Great blog. I enjoyed your experiences that led up to where you are today. On a personal note, I met you at a Money Show in Anaheim. A very nice, helpful man. Pluss you had those beautiful coins. Thanks and thanks for your work with the ANA!


Level 6

I really enjoyed your blog! Youv'e had a wonderful career! And like you said, doing what you love for a living...Can't get any better than that! Thanks for inspiring all of us! Kepi


Level 7

Very inspirational. I enjoyed the article immensely. So many of your statements are true. I wasn't lucky to start at a young age I wish I was. In my later years when I found this wonderful hobby due to a disability not only did it help me but I also fell in love with it. I didn't know if I could do it. But the coins took over and I applied myself. Today I'm very happy I did get involved. It didn't make a difference why I started just that I did am I am grateful to you and all the authors who help us thank you and keep collecting and writing. Mike.

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