28 Aug 2017

Hoards, Hoarders and Secret Hiding Spots

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By LCC Writing Team

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, "Save some money for a rainy day." But what happens when someone takes that adage a little too far? Maybe they really enjoy a certain coin series and start setting aside examples whenever they find them. Or perhaps a distrust of financial institutions leads another person to stockpile “hard” cash over time. But regardless of the reasons why, over the years we’ve seen some impressive hoards. Here are some of my favorites: Continue reading



Level 6

Thanks for the info.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

great blog really enjoyed


Level 5

There are a lot of silver hoard out there. Many started in the 1960s. And not all were cashed in in the 1980s or the recent spikes. I you find one they are interesting.


Level 7

Sorry another add. There has to be a better way. Mike


Level 6

Fun blog! Thanks for the information! : )

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